Sunday, July 25, 2010

Preparing for the Next WAR

Heard my grandma talking to J. Later, J started singing HSM songs. After those two incidents, I couldn't sleep anymore. Woke up and realized that it was 10.30am. Used the laptop for a while before washing up.

Then at 11.45am, we left the house and drove towards Kota Damansara. Dad's initial plan was to look for food at the shops around the area. But then we spotted Sunway Giza and decided to go there instead.

After walking around, dad suggested we go to Hoagies Hauz. So, we did. This place is like a fast food joint. When I realized that, I feared that it would be as bad as Spaghetti Farm. But after tasting the food, I was relieved.

Hoagies Hauz, Sunway Giza


I ordered Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti but it wasn't that pepperish. And since it was Spaghetti Week, there is a RM2 discount for all spaghetti dishes. To top that, they also give a glass of Ice Lemon Tea (worth RM 4.20) for free!

Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti - RM 11.90

Ice Lemon Tea - RM 4.20 (Free during Spaghetti Week)

Garlic Baguette - RM 4.00

When we were done, dad ordered a Garlic Baguette. The baguette here is from a Vietnamese recipe. This one is softer that the French one but still as good. There wasn't too much garlic in the bread though...

Later, we dropped J at a party before going home. I then played Insaniquarium till about 5pm. Took a nap and woke up at 6pm. Used the laptop to work on my assignment before going out at 6.30pm.

We picked mum from KL Sentral and went straight for dinner. Dad asked for suggestions but nobody said anything. So, he brought us to a restaurant along Old Klang Road. There, we ordered some Chinese food. I also had their Three-Layer Tea which was okay.

Three Layer Tea

After that, we dropped mum and GM back home. Then, the rest of us went to 112 to visit baby JT. Sat there for about an hour before coming back home.

I then showed M and E some scales that JW taught me. Later, I came upstairs to modify some values in Insaniquarium. :D

Started blogging at 11.30pm till now. Goodnight people...

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