Sunday, July 18, 2010


E woke me up at 11.30am and told me that they were going for lunch at 12pm. So, I got up and got ready for lunch. At 12pm, we drove to Jaya One. MM, AC and M (MM's friend's daughter) joined us too.

We went to Kissaten as suggested by mum. Due to some mis-communication, dad went to ANOTHER Japanese restaurant. He then came over to meet us. There, I ordered a Tenkatsudon Set and shared a Teriyaki Pork Burger with M.

Tonkatsudon Set - RM 24.90++

Complimentary Salmon - RM 0.00

Teriyaki Pork Burger - RM 10.90

Cheesecake - RM 7.90

Chicken set was just okay. Since there was this promo, all sets come with some Raw Salmon and 10% discount. The pork burger turned out to be HUGE. We had to cut it nicely before we could eat properly.

Later, dad brought J and E to the Curve. They wanted to check if any tickets were available for "Despicable Me". Meanwhile, AC, M and I went to Wendy's. M and I shared a M&M Frosty. Later, we went back home.

Wendy's M&M Twisted Frosty - RM 4.55

Dad and the two girls came back almost the same time as us. All of us watched "Kick Ass" together but it was a waste of our time. Lamest show ever! After about an hour, we had to leave for dinner.

We arrived at Ikea by 7pm and queued up to get food. GM and mum waited for people to leave before securing a table for us. We bought 3 plates of 15 pieces meatballs, 2 daim cakes, 2 chicken wings, some juice, some water, and a muffin.

Meatballs (15 pcs) - RM 14.00

Daim Cake - RM 5.20

I took 13 meatballs, ate some daim cake and drank some water. After dinner, mum and dad went to watch "Inception". The rest of us went down and bought a ceramic bowl before driving home.

Back home, I read some blogs before taking my shower. Then, I started writing this post. It's 10.30pm already and I shall end this post here. Exciting week ahead. Goodnight.


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