Saturday, July 24, 2010


Woke up at 11am today and had Roti Canai. Used the laptop till it was 11.50am. Then, I drove to SMKBB and picked J up. After that, we went straight to Brickfields. Waited about 15 minutes before E came out.

We then went back home and decided to have pizza for lunch. So I ordered the pizzas online and it came quite on time. They revamped their website and it now looks much much better.

Two Regular Pizzas and Onion Rings - RM 35.00

After lunch, I came upstairs and saw "Insaniquarium" on the HP netbook. I played that for about 2 hours while chatting. Later, I stopped and surf the net for a while. When I wanted to resume the game, it says that the trial expired.

Anyway, I went downstairs to watch "Just For Laugh Gags : Asia" till 7pm. Came upstairs and finished up my ISWE assignment till 9pm. Then, I went downstairs to have dinner and watched "Project Runway".

Came back upstairs to blog and surf the net. Going to end this post now. Goodbye.

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