Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Final Design

Woke up at 9am today. Had cereal as usual before taking my shower. Then, I drove to the LRT Station and picked my friends (AC and KW) up. We then went to APIIT and camped at the discussion room.

I touched up my code and modified the design while the others were coding. Occasionally, KW would ask for help and I'll try to help. At 1pm, we went down to the cafeteria for lunch. I took some beancurd, bittergourd, and some vege.

Lunch - RM 3.50

Iced Milk Tea - RM 1.20 (I paid RM1.50)

I also ordered Iced Nescafe. Back at the table, I realized that I took someone else' Iced Milk Tea which I mistaken for my drink. Since I already drank it, I didn't bother returning it. Besides, Nescafe is more expensive. xD

Later, we went for class at 2pm. The session ended at 3pm. AC, KW, ZS and I then stayed back to work on our assignment. At about 5pm, ZS went off. The rest of us then worked till 7.10pm before everything was settled.

So I've finished with my design. Tomorrow, the four of us will be coming to finish the final part of this assignment, which is the documentation!

Anyway, I dropped KW off at the LRT Station and AC at the KTM in MV. Got back at almost 8pm and had my dinner. Came upstairs to write yesterday's post. Then, I showered and went downstairs to play with XZ.

At about 10pm, they went back home. Not long after that, SS, C, mum and I went to Coffee Bean. I ordered a Double Chocolate which turned out VERY GOOD! This is because the ice was nicely blended unlike a few unlucky encounters in Starbucks.

Double Chocolate (large) and Caramel Hazelnut (large)

We sat there till it was almost 11pm. Then, SS dropped mum and I back home. I came up and started writing this post. It's 11.45pm already. Gonna end this post here, night...

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