Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun Friday

Woke up at 9am and took my shower. After that, I used the computer till 10am. Drove to Sunway and picked JW up. Got back home by 10.45am and we started making GARLIC BREAD! :D

The mixture

Spread on Bread

Bread in Oven

Final Product. :)

Same ingredients, different oven. And because it was our first time toasting with this oven, we failed, AGAIN. The bread was a little brown but the garlic still didn't turn brown. If we left it inside any longer, the bread will be black. Gotta try again next time. It did taste good though. :P

Later, we watched some TV till the girls came back. Then, we quickly ate lunch together. After that, AC came over and the five of us quickly went over to MidValley. JW, J and AC went to the cinema and collected the tickets while M and I parked the car.

Had a Chocotop before going in

We were there to watch INCEPTION. Yes, this is our (JW and I) second time watching it. Though it wasn't that amazing anymore, it was still nice because we confirmed certain theories and understood the movie more.

Movie ended at 4.40pm. We waited till the very end to see if there was something. Unfortunately, there wasn't any scenes and we wasted our time. Drove back home and hung around.

We decided to try making "Chipsmore Milkshake" but it didn't turn out as nice as the Oreo Milkshake. I guess Chipsmore just isn't meant for milkshake. Later, we watched some TV till 6pm.

Then, JW and I went to Bisou for cupcakes. They weren't that great though. Had to pay RM1 for sitting there too. At 6.30pm, we drove to Sunway. Dropped her off at CHC (City Harvest Church) and drove back home.

Dark Secret (Chocolate Frosting and Cake) - RM 5.00

Mocha (Coffee Frosting and Cake) - RM 5.00

Got home at 8pm. All of us then got into the Avanza. M drove us over to TTDI where we met SS and family for dinner. Went to "New Yau Tak Ding" and ordered 7 dishes. Was quite full after that.


Later, we went to SS's house. I fell asleep for about 20 minutes. After waking up, all of us went back home. Continued sleeping in the car while M drove. Woke up a few times though.

Back home, I started writing this post. It's 11.30pm now and I shall go take my shower. Will post this up as soon as the pictures gets uploaded. Night...


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