Friday, July 2, 2010


Woke up at about 10.30am today. Used the laptop to surf the net for a while. Then, I worked on my ISWE assignment till it was about 1pm. Had my lunch and continued with my assignment. Finished the day's quota by 3.30pm.

Then, I started burning some videos from my HardDisk to DVD. Had to do so because there is very little space left in my HardDisk. Meanwhile, I watched "Night at The Museum 2". Quite an entertaining show.

Burned about 8 DVD's today. Then at about 8pm, I took my shower. Had dinner later and stayed downstairs to watch an episode of Oprah. Came up to write this post but moments later, mum asked if I wanted to go to BV.

Quickly changed and followed mum and E. First, we went to MPH to buy 17 "Mr Midnight" books. While they were at it, I decided to buy "Singapore Ghost Stories 20". Since mum had the MPH card, we were entitled to 20% discount. Total bill was RM 159.45 for 18 books. :P

The Receipt

We kept the books in the car before going to Starbucks. There, we ordered 2 Green Tea Cream Frapps and a Chocolate Cream Chip Frappe. The drinks SUCKED! It had SO MUCH UNCRUSHED ICE!

Venti Green Tea - RM 13.50

Venti Chocolate Cream Chip (with cinnamon powder) - RM 13.50

Anyway, we left the place at 10.30pm and drove back home. Before that, we stopped at Shell to refuel mum's car. Once home, we were surprised to see KK and SC. They came up to watch football.

Ignoring them, I came up to finish this post. It's 11.25pm already and I shall go to bed now. Goodnight. :)

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