Friday, July 9, 2010

Cooking with JW

Woke up at 9.30am and had some cereal for breakfast. After my shower, I drove to Sunway and picked JW up. We then went to Sunway Pyramid.

Went to TGV and bought tickets to watch Predators. Walked around the mall for quite some time before we bought popcorn and went into the cinema hall.

Movie ended at about 2.30pm. We then went to Jusco and bought ingredients for cooking. Spent about RM 14. Bought garlic, chicken, lemon, potatoes, cocktail sausages and some ham.

Then, we went back to her hostel. She boiled the potatoes and marinated the chicken. Waited for about 20 minutes. JW skinned the potatoes and made me mash them with some margarine and mayo.

Boiling Potatoes

Marinated Chicken

Boiled Potatoes, Mayo and Margarine

Mashed Potato (by ME!)

Later, she gave me some of the garlic and asked me to chopped it. After the garlic was done, she started stir-frying the chicken while I mixed the garlic with mayo and margarine to make garlic spread.

Chopped Garlic (by ME!!)

Margarine and Mayo

Preparing to stir-fry

Garlic Spread (by ME!)

When I was done, I took out 3 pieces of bread and spread the garlic spread onto it. Then, we realized that the toaster oven was GONE! Her housemate took it back. So, we had no choice but to use the sandwich-maker.

Garlic Spread on Bread

Bread in Sandwich Maker

Unfortunately, it didn't turn out like we expected. The garlic wasn't roasted. Even so, it still was quite good. Shall try making this again next time. :)

Garlic Bread

Moments later, JW was done with the chicken. Then, she cooked the sausages for a little while. After that, we sliced the ham and put the "pigs" in their "blankets".

Stir Fried Chicken with Lemon and Garlic

Cocktail Sausages

Pigs in Blankets! :D

Brought everything to the dining table and arranged our food in the plates. It was already 6.30pm. So this was our lunch/dinner.

Our meal! :D

I was so STUFFED after eating everything. By the time I was done, it was already pass 7pm. Anyway, we washed the plates and cleared up the mess we created. Then, we watched "She's Out of My League" on JW's laptop. Movie was funny at times. Storyline was kinda silly though.

After that, we drove to Jaffar for dinner. Took as quite a while to find parking. Finally after 5 rounds, we parked our car and walked to the place. Ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. Food was good.

Roti Planta - RM 1.80

Teh Tarik - RM 1.30

Later, we paid the bill and left the place. Dropped her off at the side gate as it was pass visiting hours. Then, I drove back home.

I was surprised to see such slow-moving traffic on the Federal Highway because it was already close to 10pm. Anyway, I still got home at about 10.30pm.

Watched the ending of "Toy Story" with E. Then, I came upstairs to blog. Later, I took my shower before I continued writing this post.

It's 2.17am and I shall go to bed now. Goodnight. :)


  1. after eating, you guys went and eat again? I thought you said you were "full"?

  2. We watched a movie for another 2 hours. Then only did we go for "round 2" :P

  3. wow....such a nice meal...i love mashed potato!!!

  4. It's seems like the whole process cooking... only you involved in 2 simple process :P

  5. @v!vi@n It really was nice. :)

  6. @Doris I don't know how to cook. :P Just helped out with the simple stuff.

  7. awww, so sweet to have a kitchen date! :3


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