Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GREAT and FUN Wednesday

My alarm rang at 9am and I quickly washed up. Then, I drove to APIIT and met with AC and ZS. We used about 10 minutes to sort or documentation before going downstairs. There, we waited in line till it was our turn. Sent our documentation in for Book-binding.

So next Monday, we can collect the books and submit it! Feel so much better now. We are left with ONE assignment! All of us announced today is "Relax Day".

Drove off to Gardens and went to buy "You Tiao" from "I Love Yoo". Then, we went over to GSC and collected our tickets. We watched Inception. It was AC's first time and ZS's second time.

And, that was my THIRD time watching INCEPTION!! Unfortunately, I did not discover anything new. It was still fairly enjoyable though. I guess the best is to watch it twice.

Movie ended at 2.15pm. We then walked over to Pastis for lunch. As usual, it was the three of us and we ordered one of each set lunch and one of each ice cream. Both of them had Iced Lemon Tea while I asked for coffee.

Coffee (from set)

Ice Lemon Tea (from set)

Linguini Mushroom Spaghetti - RM 14.50++

Chicken Panini - RM 14.00++

Chicken Pie - RM 14.00++

Ice Cream (from set)

Everyone gets some of each flavour! :P

We took food from all three plates and that was real fun. Best dish would be the Chicken Pie. The spaghetti was kinda tasteless while the Chicken Panini was too overpriced, considering it was just a sandwich.

The three of us sat there and chatted. Later, we decided to try their Dessert of the Month, which was the Carrot Cake. It was nicer than expected. Soft and delicious! After that, we paid the bill and said goodbye to AC.

Carrot Cake (Dessert of the Month) - RM 4.50

Then, I drove ZS back home before going over to Sunway. Picked JW up and we went back to my place. Watched some TV before having our dinner at home. Came up to use the laptop again till it was 8.45pm.

Mum and M did not have their dinner. So, they went to Delicious. GG, PP, JW and I tagged along. There, I had some Wedges, Apple Crumble, and some Chocolate Cake! The cake wasn't up to standard for today though.

Wedges with Sour Cream - RM 9.90

Blackberry Apple Crumble - RM 10.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

The texture was not how it should have been! :(

By the time we got home, it was already 10.15pm. JW and I challenged each other in TTR3 before I dropped her back at the hostel. Got home by 11.20pm and started writing this post.

Used the laptop till now, 1.35am. This marks the end of my day of relaxation and fun. :)

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