Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tomorrow is NEAR!

Woke up at 9.30am and started using the laptop till 10am. Then, mum brought J, E and I to d'lish for brunch. I had "Caesar salad" and "Oreo smoothie". The rest of them ordered their own stuff. Mum met her friend there too.

Mum's Big Brekkie - RM 19.80

Mum's cappuccino and orange juice (not in pic) comes with the Big Brekkie

J's Blueberry Pancake - RM 15++

Oreo Smoothie - RM 9.80

Caesar Salad - RM 15++

Found this among the salad leaves!

This strand of hair was EMBEDDED into the garlic bread!

The salad wasn't even half as good as the one from Delicious. Besides that, the smoothie was so watery! I couldn't even taste the Oreo, the one we did in DY's house was MUCH BETTER and more worth it!

After paying the bill, we went off to BISDS and picked M up. Once I got home, I played 2 games of MTG and won both of it. Started revising till about 3pm and went on to play MO. At about 4pm, mum drove J, E and I to SierraMas.

We went to GTA's house and I took a nap there. Later, MM and family came to join us. Stayed there till about 7.15pm before we drove off to "Sai Gong" near "De' Pastry Chef" in Kepong. AJ's parents joined us for dinner and so did dad, M, GM and A.

The food here was good but the waiters were RUDE! They did not say anything mean but they kept hitting me when passing by, especially the fat waiter who did that EVERYTIME he passed me!

One restaurant with 3 other companies' tissue?

Another funny thing about this restaurant is they use "rejected tissues". What's that you ask? Basically they just buy custom made tissues which are rejected. Why do they even want to do that? How much can you save? What about your reputation?

Anyway, we finished our dinner at about 9pm and left after GTA paid the RM 239 bill. Arrived home at 9.30pm and went to take a shower. Then, I started my revision again before playing few rounds of MO.

Right after that, I started writing this post till now. It's 11.30pm and I shall go to bed after I upload this post and complete another round of revision. Wish me luck for tomorrow's exam. Bye...

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