Monday, October 26, 2009

Can't Study!

*This post is written in anger and might not be pleasant to read.*

Woke up at 9am and showered then drove to BBJ. Met up with the others at HOL and we stayed there till 10.30am. Next, we went to the exam hall and sat for our exam at 11am. Paper was quite good and I came out early.

Waited for the rest till 1.10pm. Then, we went for lunch after everyone was done. Lunch was at Million Castle. Food was okay but that burnt a hole in my wallet. RM15 per person man! Anyways went back home after that.

Did my revision and played 1 round of MTG with M. Lost to her that round because there were no creature cards coming to my hand. Later, I studied again and played MO. Showered and had dinner at about 8pm.

*You have been warned*

Used the laptop till about 8.50pm. Then, I took a nap. M woke me up and told me to pick J. I drove all the way there to find NOBODY there. Checked my phone and J smsed few minutes ago.

The message says her friend's mum sent her home. I was super angry that time. The drive home burnt more petrol than usual. But of course, I'm not too dumb until I let myself die because of this small matter.

Once back, my evil side took over me. I smsed mum and dad saying "I didn't pick J"(which was true). Mum then asked me to call her and I said "nope". Then, mum called to ask where she was and I said "Go call her yourself".

Okay, so mum's reaction was exactly what I wanted. I want them to feel something too all because of SOMEONE'S STUPIDITY! But what disappointed me was dad. He didn't even bother asking anything. This makes me wonder, DOES HE EVEN CARE ABOUT US?

I tried studying but this anger is blocking everything from going into my brain. So I decided to quickly complete this post and go to bed. Hopefully when I wake up, everything would be better. Bye...

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