Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Raya Open House

Woke up at 12pm and used the laptop till it was 1.10pm. Then, dad drove E and I to town. We had lunch at this coffee shop called "Kam Fatt". Dad said the Curry Laksa and Assam Laksa here was good.

Iced White Coffee

Curry Laksa - RM 5.00

Pork Ball Noodles - RM 5.00

But since I don't like spicy stuff, I ordered a bowl of "Pork ball noodles" instead. I also ordered a cup of "Iced White Coffee". The noodles were okay and so was the coffee. Finished our lunch and went back into the car.

Dad drove to Low Yat but I told him not to go there. Then, we detoured to the Echolac shop and went down to look at the laptop bags. Unfortunately, there wasn't any nice bags so we had to go home empty-handed.

Back home, I used the laptop for a short while before showering and getting ready for NM's open house. Went to pick NA at 4.15pm before we made our way to Pantai Hillpark. NM's house was quite big and there were many people there.

We got ourselves some food and a place to sit. NM chatted with us for a while before leaving us as she was a very very busy host. Stayed there till 5.45pm before we said bye and made our way home.

Dropped NA back before I went home. It was a nice catching-up session with her though. Got to know what my ex-classmates were currently doing. And as usual, got updated with some of the latest gossips.

Back home, I used the laptop to work on my assignment and also played a few rounds of Magic Online. Then at about 8pm, all of us went into 2 cars and drove to DU. We joined SS and family for dinner at the usual "Hokkien Fried" restaurant.

I ordered a cup of Iced Barley and SS ordered a few dishes for us to share. The dinner was good but we had to wait quite a while. SS paid for the dinner and we went home after that. The whole journey home only took 12 minutes (according to M).

Iced Barley

Once I got upstairs, I started working on my assignment till it was 1.30am. Mum just came back from Kuching and has already booked me for coffee tomorrow. Anyways, it's 2am already so I'm going to bed NOW. Night...

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