Saturday, October 24, 2009

The 600th Post :D

Woke up at 11.30am and used the laptop to start my revision. A cooked lunch so we went down for lunch later. Played MTG with M and I won all 3 rounds (thanks to "We are Legion" again). Then, I continued studying.

Went to shower and was ready by 3.30pm. But mum was still in a talk so I didn't go to BV yet. GG came over and asked me to drive him to Lucky Garden. So I drove him there and waited for him. Half an hour later, we drove to BV and met up with mum.

We had tea in SanTerri Cottage. I ordered a "Ice Cafe Float" and "Shepherd's pie". The coffee was nice but half the cup was filled with ice, totally not worth it. Sheppard's pie was good though. According to GG, his "cappuccino" wasn't good.

Mum's B.E.T Sandwich - RM 8.50

Ice Cafe Float - RM 8.50

Full of ice! What a rip-off!

Shepherd's Pie - RM 10.90

PP, MM, M, E, J and AC then joined us later. We moved to a bigger table and ordered some cakes. I had a little bit of each piece but didn't think any of the cakes were that great. Stayed till 6.10pm and left after mum paid the bill.

Green Tea Slice - RM 6.50

Total bill - RM 96.90

Drove back home and started with my revision again. Then at 7.30pm, we went over to 97 for dinner. Stayed there till 10.40pm and I started reading TYC21D again once I got home. Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop.

Sent out some reading materials (click here and here)to my friends which I taught might help them. Then, I spent about half an hour explaining to DY about the PSPD codes. Was a good experience teaching him and this also helped me understand the codes better.

Stopped at about 1am and I started to blog. It's 1.30am already so I better upload the pictures and go to bed. Bye...

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