Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Bad Start

Woke up at 11am because E asked me to pick AP up now. Washed up and had a cup of water before driving to 112. Then, we drove to UMSC to deliver some food to KK. After I entered the basement, something happened.

This silver Myvi (BHV 350) was reversing because the car in front of her wants to get out. There were ample space for the other car to move but she still kept reversing. I honked her for 2 seconds before her car kissed mine.

She didn't even bother saying sorry and went on driving. That idiot hogged the road and the carpark was so narrow. Waited for her to make a turning and that also took her 5 times of reversing before making the turn.

Since my car wasn't damage and I was also too lazy to talk to that idiot, I decided to let her go. She would still be an idiot even after I scold her right? So I continued looking for parking in the small little parking area...

After 50 minutes of driving around looking for parking, I finally gave up and parked at an illegal spot. Left my number on the dashboard and went up to look for KK. 5 minutes later, we said bye and went back home.

Once I got home, I ate a durian flavored "ice cream potong". Then, I started studying for MMA. About 2pm, AP called and asked me to pick KK up. This time, A went into my car too and I dropped her at CIMB.

AP and I then went to UMSC again. KK was already waiting for us so he just got into the car and we drove off. It was raining heavily and driving was quite a dangerous thing to do. Anyway, we continued driving to SMKBB.

Picked M and J up before dropping AP and KK home. Then, we drove to Lucky Garden to look for A. We couldn't find her and decided to drive back home. That just means A has to find her own way home in the rain.

I took a nap while waiting for M to shower. Then, we had lunch together. Before I started studying, we played a game of MTG. M won her first match. Continued studying till 5.50pm.

Received a call from PP asking me to pick them from KL Sentral at 6.10pm. I then drove the Avanza to pick them up. To my surprise, it wasn't that jammed like it used to be. Parked and waited for them to arrive.

About 10 minutes later, they got onto the car and we drove home. Dropped them off at 97 before going home myself. Continued studying the last few chapters of MMA till 7.30pm. I went to shower and had dinner after that.

Since I completed my quota for today, I decided to play MO. At about 9pm, we went over to 97 and watched TV while talking to our grandparents and aunt. M came over with our MTG cards and we started playing.

We played 2 games and I won both. All thanks to the "We are Legion" deck. AC came down and I taught him how to play the game. He too won his first match. This made me wonder, do I always lose to beginners during their first match?

It was already 11pm when we ended the game. So all of us said bye and went home. I started blogging and chatting till now. Since it is already 12.20am, I better just finish up and go to bed. Night...

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