Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Final Chance

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop for a short while. Then, mum brought J and I to Bangsar South for breakfast at Old Town White Coffee. Ordered the "My Breakfast Set 1" but only ate the bread and drank the tea. Egg was gave to J.

Breakfast Set 1 - RM 4.50

After eating, we went back home and I continued using the laptop till about 1pm. Then, I followed mum and J to NikeGolf along Jalan Telawi. Didn't buy anything there and went home about half an hour later.

Used the laptop till it was 2pm and we went downstairs for lunch. Then, we watched "Fast and Furious 4" in my room. After that, I used the laptop again till 7.45pm. Took a shower and had dinner later.

Talked to KK and AP till it was 8.45pm. Then, we went over to 97 because our grandparents just arrived from Kuching. Stayed there till 10pm and came home to wait for dad.

He came home an hour later but heated up some bread. What happened to supper? What a liar! Goodnight and goodbye!

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