Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turned Out to be a Great Day

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop till 10am. Took a shower before driving to Sunway. Waited for DY till 12pm. Then, we went into Sunway University College and parked there. We came all the way just to get 2 boosters each for free. I also bought a 2010 Core Deck named "We are Legions".

We are Legion - RM 30.00

After that, both of us went to pay our parking and drove to Grill King. AC, AL, MY and ZS were there and the food just arrived when as we entered the restaurant. After a quick meal, we drove to APIIT.

Black Sos Noodles - RM 4.80

Our presentation were scheduled to start at 1pm but KW and I only did our presentation at 3.45pm. I was surprised that I got "A+" but at the same time happy. Drove KW to the LRT station as it was raining.

Because of the heavy rain, the ride back home was very dangerous. Drove slowly and arrived home at about 4.30pm. Went to shower immediately but somehow I'm having a headache now. Looked at my MTG cards for quite some time.

Then at 6pm, I started using the laptop till it was 7.10pm. Went downstairs for dinner and came up to blog after that. Waited for the rest downstairs because I thought we were going over to 97.

Fell asleep and woke up at 9pm. When I asked them about going over to 97, they told me GG and PP went to Genting. WTF! If I knew, I would have done better things than waiting for them.

A then tried to make french toast. I would say it was half a success because she made English French Toast not HK French Toast. Watched TV till 10pm and came upstairs to use the laptop. Gonna watch a movie before going to bed. Bye...

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