Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Relief!

Woke up at 9.18am and I had a quick snack for breakfast. Then, I showered and drove to APIIT. Arrived at about 10.20am and went on to work on my group assignment. Because some of my team members didn't even turn up, the rest of us had to do their share of work.

So we rushed our documentation till about 4pm before going to the lab and printing our assignment. Printed my PSPD assignment too. After that, we went downstairs to bind our assignments.

Forgot to mention, MY was so kind to go get us McD for lunch. That kept our energy up and helped us satisfy our growling stomachs while still working on our documentation.

Went to L1-9 for a test which ended at 6pm. Handed in all my assignments and waited for the rest of my gang. They managed to do it slightly after the due time. But luckily, the admin kindly accepted their work.

All of us were so relieved and happy while walking to our car. During my drive home, I pumped up the music which made the ride very enjoyable. Arrived home at about 7.45pm and went to take a shower.

Waited till almost 8.45pm before having dinner. Used the laptop for a short while before going to pick J up from tuition. We then waited for mum to come home and bring us out. She came back at 11pm and we still went out.

She brought us to Wong Kok at SS2 for supper. I ordered "Original Iced Milk Tea" and shared a "French Toast" with J. We also ordered the meal set which came with a drink and fruits. The meal was some dumplings while J had the "Blue Valley" drink and some cheap fruits.

Original Iced Milk Tea - RM 4.60

French Toast - RM 4.50

Boom Dumpling Set - RM 16.90

We had a fun chat which ended at about 12am. We then went back home and I started blogging and chatting. It's 1am now and I haven't decided if I'm gonna go to bed or enjoy the rest of the night for a little longer. No matter, I'm gonna end this post now. Night...

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