Friday, October 23, 2009

Fun Gathering!

Mum woke me up at 9am and asked me to go for breakfast. So I used the laptop while waiting for her. Half an hour later, she claimed that she was waiting for me since just now. Ignoring that, we got ready to go out.

But I opened the fridge and remembered that there is some leftover cake (KP brought it over). How could I resist "chocolate indulgence"? So, I had that for breakfast. Then, I went up to start compiling and writing my notes.

Suddenly, H asked me on facebook if I was free to go out. Then, she went asking everyone and started planning. Went to pick M from school at 12.30pm. Once I got back, I went to take a shower and got dressed.

Left the house at 1.15pm and had some light lunch before that. Went to refuel the Avanza to make sure it doesn't run out of fuel later. Total was RM 76.43. It started raining and that went on for the rest of our journey.

Drove to H's flat and waited for 20 minutes before H came out of her house. Then, we drove on to pick NM at Pantai Dalam. Next stop was UiTM (Shah Alam) where we picked NA and went for lunch.

H wanted to go to PakLi so we went there. I ordered a "Roti Bakar" while the rest had drinks and meals. Chatted while eating till about 3pm. Then, we paid the bill and made our way to 7eleven and bought some soft drinks.

2 servings of Roti Bakar - RM 1.60 (per serving)

After that, we drove all the way to Ara Damansara. Before turning into LA's house, we went to NZX and bought 12 donuts from big apple. It was already 4.10pm when we arrived at LA's house and found her waiting for us.

Big Apple donuts - RM 23.00 (box of 12)

Said "hi" and went inside her house. We sat at the table and had some drinks while chatting. After a while, we decided to go to LA's room instead. Chilled out and started sharing stories there.

Then at about 5.45pm, we went back downstairs to chat and drink a little more. Next, we went to the front of the house and ate some fruits from LA's plantation. The durians were good and so were the rambutans.

H, LA, NA and NM

NA, LA and I

We took some pictures before hopping into the car and saying our goodbyes. I then drove back to Bangsar but it was really jammed along the LDP. Sent NM and H at their houses before dropping NA at SMKB.

By the time I got home, it was already 8pm. Had my dinner and came upstairs to shower. Studied for a little while before going over to 97 again. Hung out there and only came back home at 10pm.

Studied till 11pm and stopped to play MTG with M. I won the first 2 rounds while M won the last round. This time, I was using the "We are Legion" deck. It was a nice game though. Really full of strategy and tricks.

It was already 12.10am when we finished our game. I then quickly started writing this post till now. It's 1am already and I'm gonna sleep soon. Night...

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