Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two More to Go!

Woke up even before my alarm rang. Guess I just had too much sleep already. Anyway, I started revising till 9.30a. Then, I had breakfast and got ready for college. Went straight to the exam hall since it was already 10.30am.

All of us went into the hall at 11am and I came out at about 12.30pm. I was kinda disappointed because what I studied only came out in objective. And the easy questions came out in section B(essay) which made it hard to elaborate.

Waited till 1pm for the rest to finish their exam. Then, they said they wanted to go Ikano. They went there for lunch while I sent KW to the LRT station. I drove to 112 and parked there. Next, I walked to Devi's Corner to look for AM and KK.

Roti Planta

Teh Tarik

I had a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. Later, I took some of the Maggi Goreng from AM. When we were done, AM paid the bill and the 3 of us walked back to 112. Drove back home and used the laptop for a while.

Then at about 3pm, I started watching "Benjamin Button" and finished a bag of chips. Wanted to watch Cyclops at first but the DVD won't play. Overall, the story was nice but too slow and long. Being born old was okay but I don't get why he didn't shrink into nothing instead of dying as a baby.

After that, I came upstairs and started studying. Somehow got distracted by Twitter and ended up reading blogs. Stopped at 8pm to shower and have dinner. Then, I continued studying again till 10.30pm.

M wanted to play MTG before sleeping so we played 2 rounds. I wont both rounds without getting hurt at all. The last round was so fake because I had 45 life points at the end of the game. Then, I continued compiling the notes till 1.10am.

Decided that I had enough for the day so I stopped studying and started blogging. Gonna upload the pictures and go to bed. Tomorrow will have to be a SUPER-STUDY day! Night.

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