Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparing for WAR

Woke up at about 8.40am and started using the laptop till it was 10.30am. Then, I went downstairs to get some breakfast. Later, I started compiling the rest of the notes. At about 1pm, it started to rain.

My breakfast (Muffin and Heong Peng)

Since the weather was so good, I decided to take a nap. Woke up at 3pm and went downstairs for lunch. Then, I played 2 rounds of MTG with M and won both as usual. Continued studying till 6.10pm.

Stopped and watched Heroes 07 till it was 7pm. Studied a little more before having my dinner. Came back up to study till it was 9pm. Played MO till 9.50pm and went to study again. Then at 10.10pm, I had a snack break.

Lurve: French Onion!

Right after I finished my snack, mum asked if I wanted to go Chocolate. So both of us drove to BV and had our drinks. I ordered the Ms Coco Frappe and was so FULL after that. I finished my drink but mum couldn't finish hers.

Ms Coco Frappe - RM 12.90

Ms Coco in Mug - RM 12.90

She then asked the waiter to pack it and also paid the bill. Reached home at 11pm and I quickly started blogging. Finished the rest of mum's Ms Coco which was SUPER CHOCOLATY!

Ms Coco (takeaway)

I'm gonna end this post here because I want to do a final round of revision before going to bed. Night!

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