Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today is the Audio Day

Woke up at 8.50am and thought it was already noon. I went downstairs and had some water before coming back up to work on my MMA. First, I downloaded some songs, followed by sound effects. Then, I had to download many other converters too.

The girls came back from BISDS at about 11.30am. Waited till about 12.30pm before leaving the house for lunch. Mum brought us to Monte's at BSC. I had Caesar Salad because I didn't want anything heavy.

Complimentary bun

Caesar Salad (totally OVERPRICED) - RM 16.00

I finished my lunch even before E's dish was served. Then, all of us waited for another hour because E was eating very slowly. She started giving 101 excuses but in the end, she still finished the spaghetti.

Total bill - RM 125.10

Mum paid the bill and all of us went back home. I then went back to work on my MMA assignment. Didn't stop till it was 6.30pm. I then uploaded the "prototype" on my blog and also sent it to some friends.

Till now, I've gotten some suggestions on how to improve it. I'm seriously loving flash. My next project will start after my exam. Probably make a mini flash game.

Back to my day, I went to shower at 7.20pm. After I came out, all of us (the whole family including AC and MM) went to Tropicana City Mall in 2 cars. After parking, we saw WM and family who were going for dinner too.

We went to "Food and Tea" on the second floor as suggested by dad. The HK style restaurant was so packed and it was hard to get a table for 10. Waited a while before we were seated. Service here was quite good though. Staff were well trained.

I ordered "French Toast", "Milk Tea" and "Pork Chop in Twin Sauce". The French Toast wasn't that great and the milk tea was okay. Pork Chop in Twin Sauce wasn't really nice and yet it is still over-priced.

Tea in "Hong Kong" Style - RM 3.00

French Toast - RM 4.10

Baked Rice "pork" Twin Sauce - RM 13.80

Had a bite of dad's "Smoked Ham Focaccia" and it wasn't that great too. I also had half of M's "Chocolate Milk Shake" which was very chocolaty but not thick enough. I had a sip of M's Mint Sea Coconut and everyone agreed it was weird.

Chocolate Milk Shake - RM 5.50

Mint with Sea Coconut - RM 4.80

Moon Light Lady - RM 6.30

Mango Delight - RM 5.20

Smoked Ham Focaccia - RM 5.50

Claypot Hong Kong "Loh She Fun" - RM 7.50

Braised Pork Loin with Egg Noodle - RM 9.80

Being adventurous (aka a glutton), I ordered another "Mango and Yam Tong Sui". The menu said it was the new trend in HK so, why not, right? When it came, I realized it's not that great. It's kinda weird if you ask me...

Mango and Yam "Tong Sui" - RM 4.50

Total Bill - RM 145.00

My stomach was so bloated after this meal. Dad paid the bill and we made our way down to the parking lot. By the time we reached home, it was already 10pm. Chatted for a while before starting to blog.

Now I'm just waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. Maybe do some edits on my MMA before going to bed. Night...

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