Saturday, September 26, 2009

AP's Birthday

Woke up at 11.30am today and washed up before using the laptop to blog. At 1pm, M asked me to pick her friends up and send her to another friend's open house. We asked her friend to help us buy lunch for GM and A.

So, I dropped the 3 of them at Jalan Maarof and went home with the food. While GM and A had rice for lunch, I only had a green apple (voluntarily, not that I have no food). Continued blogging till mum and the girls came back from their open house.

It was about 3pm and the girls were still hungry because they didn't eat much at the open house. So, mum drove us to SS2 and we had tea at Prince Cafe. I ordered a French Toast and Milk Tea.

E ordered Fish and Chips. It turned out to be a bad idea because the fries and wish wasn't nice at all. To make things worst, the price was too unreasonable. That is why, we should never order Western food from a Hong Kong restaurant.

Fish and Chips

Milk Tea - from the Fish and Chips Set

French Toast - RM 4.90

Total bill - RM 40.70

My milk Tea was okay except that I found a chunk of frozen milk tea powder in my drink. Though it was full of ice, the taste was quite good too. Slightly overpriced though.

The French Toast amazed me as I can say it is one of the best I've eaten. The syrup and peanut butter sauce was more than enough. The only element left to perfect is the outer layer. If they could make the outer layer like the one in "Wong Kok", it will be the perfect toast!

We sat there and chatted for a while till mum paid the bill and we went home. Back home, I continued blogging till 5.30pm. YM then reminded me that AP's Birthday Dinner is tonight. So, I quickly finished my post. Still have to blog about Arthur's Day though...

Went to shower at 6.15pm and drove down to 112. Waited for everyone else to get ready before we went to BSC in 3 cars. Then, we made our way to Ming Room for dinner. We were seated in a private room and WM ordered some dishes.

Soya Milk (made by AM, KK, LZ and LZ)

Complimentary Mooncake

The dinner went on till about 9pm. Then, all of us made our way to the second destination, 112. UB, AA and JM came in and joined the party too. After a while, the kids started playing with candles and lanterns.

When I got bored with the adults talking, I went outside and "supervised" the kids. Kinda nice looking at them handle the candles. They're actually not bad with the candles but still need some guidance.

The funniest was DZ. He was the only little boy there looking at all the other elder cousins and sister play with the candles. That scaredy cat tried to annoy us by blowing out the candles. His sister then took a candle and chased him. CM saw that and quickly scolded SY. I laughed so hard because of this!

At about 11pm, we stopped and went to the dining room for cake. All of us sang the Birthday song to AP. After that, I helped them snap some pictures. YM then started cutting the cake and everyone got a piece.

AP's Birthday Cake!

The fruit cake was very fresh and nice. As I was eating, AM said thanks to me and I suddenly remembered that I'm the one who gave them RM50 to buy this cake, lol. After finishing a piece of cake, KK got a me a bowl of "tong sui" made by CM with the help of her kids.

We continued chatting and laughing till about 11.30pm. Everyone went home and so did I. Back home, I took a shower before blogging about today. After this, I still have to start my Arthur's Day post. Bye...

*I drank 1.5 cups of wine and didn't like it*

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