Friday, September 25, 2009

Most Exciting Day Yet!

Woke up at around 9am and quickly washed up. Mum then brought us kids to SS2 and we wanted to have breakfast at Swenson's. Unfortunately, the restaurant wasn't open yet. So, we ended up at Hailam Kopitiam instead.

I ordered Fish Fillet (fish and chips), Hailam White Coffee, and Kaya Butter Toast. The fish and chips was quite unreasonably priced because it was only a small portion. The coffee was full of ice, again not worth it. At least the toast was okay...

Iced Hailam White Coffee - RM 3.20

Fish Fillet - RM 12.00

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.10

Bill - RM 40.75

Mum paid up and we went back home. Since I still had time, I watched the remaining episodes of DIEA. Then, I surfed the web before getting ready for the Meet and Greet. At 2pm, I went to pick ZS up.

Came back home to meet up with AC. We went in one car to BV and had lunch at Fish and Co. As usual, we ordered "The Best Fish and Chips in Town" and sky juice. ZS ordered Sprite but that didn't come out in the bill (RM 34.30 after tax).

Fish and Chips - RM 9.90 (before tax)

After paying, we went home to change into "formal" shirts since we were going to KL Hilton. When we were done, I drove to Hilton and reached the venue (6th floor) just in time (4.30pm). For my post on the "Meet and Greet", click here.

The event ended at about 6.40pm and we went back to Bangsar. I had to go to Shell and refuel my car. Again, the card wasn't accepted and I had to pay cash. Another RM 20 gone there. Then, we went to my house and changed into casual black shirts.

Left the camera at home and continued our journey to Sunway Pyramid. Got caught in a jam and ended up at Sunway Pyramid at about 8pm. We then made our way to McD for a quick dinner.

Dinner: Double Cheeseburger

After that, we made our way to Sunway Lagoon for Arthur's Day. It was already pass 8pm but there were still many people hanging around outside. For my post on this, click here.

Me at the entrance!

The POWERFUL and ENERGETIC concert ended at 12.20am and we made our way to the mall. Rested for a while before saying goodbye and going our own ways. Reached home at about 1.20am and had a green apple for supper.

3 of us waiting for the lift. Tired...

Took a nice shower and went to sleep in my air-cond room. I was still sweating for some reason (too much adrenaline and excitement maybe) and had to stay awake till it was cool and comfy. Fell asleep at about 2am...

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