Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surrogates Premiere Screening

Nuffnang held a slogan contest and the best 100 slogans were given 2 tickets each to catch the premiere screening of Surrogates. ZS, AC and I were lucky to be among the 100 creative slogans. Therefore, we invited the other half of our gang to the premiere.

ZS, AL, MY, DY and I were still stuck in the TTDI jam when the counter was opened. Luckily, AC was there early and he helped us collect our tickets. Met up with him after we arrived and walked around the complex till 9.20pm.

Our tickets!!

We went to buy some popcorn before going for the movie. The movie started the moment we entered the cinema. There was someone sitting on our seats and we had to explain to him it is NOT free-seating.

Surrogates is actually a Sci-fi movie that introduces "surrogacy". The surrogates are unflawed robotic versions of their human operators. Humans simply sit in a chair and wear a special eyepiece to "connect" to their surrogate. Everything the surrogate senses will be received by the human.

A female Surrogate

The movie started with a murder case which fried the surrogate's eyes and melted the guy's (person who controlled the surrogate) brain. Our hero Agent Tom (Bruce Willis) then goes on to investigate and hunt down the killer. What he finds out is something much more dangerous which involves the whole world.

The "control panel"

The ending was kinda predictable though. This movie only lasted 89 minutes which is actually shorter than I expected. From the same director of Terminator 3, it is undeniable that this is a good movie. It's going to be available at all cinemas from 8th October so go watch if you're interested.

Movie Poster

Everyone left the cinema hall after the movie ended. AC went back to his house while the rest of us came to my house for a while. That's the end of our movie night. Before I end the post, I'd like to thank Nuffnang for giving us the chance to watch this premiere!

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