Monday, September 28, 2009

Temporary Relief

Woke up at 7am and had some Twiggies and Chocolate Bun as breakfast. Read the AstroView and some newspapers before getting ready for college. Left the house at 8am and reached TPM at 8.25am.

AL and I walked to class after meeting up. As we walked in the class, Miss Hema just started taking attendance. After that, we sat in the class for 2 hours. Then, we went and bought some sweets. We waited for AC and AL before moving to ENT3.

We called him once and he said he was in the toilet. Next, he said he is already walking. Then, we realized, he was already at ENT3. WTH! Anyway, we went over to ENT3 and had another 2 hours of SAD.

After class was over, we went to Lucky for lunch. I ordered a "Pork Ball Noodle" which turned out to be quite nice. Later, we went to Ampang in 2 cars to visit our lecturer at Ampang Puteri Hospital.

She was in a good condition actually. Could even laugh and joke with us. So I guess she passed the dangerous stage. After visiting her, AC went back home while ZS and AL came over to my house.

We watched a stand-up comedy by Dayo Wong (Wong Zi Wah aka Mak Tai Song) till MY arrived. All of us started playing Wii and DY joined us later too. I went to shower at 6.30pm and all of us left the house at 7pm.

The five of us went to "Fish and Co" at BV for dinner. We ordered the "best fish and chips in town" and I'm glad they liked it. We also ordered Fried Calamari to share. The fried calamari was nice but under my expectations.

The fish and chips came in a bigger portion. The few of us couldn't finish the chips and we packed it and gave it to AC later. When we were done, we paid the bill and made our way to Chocolate. Ordered a "Chocolate Affair" to share among us.

At about 8.10pm, we left the complex and went to E@Curve for Surrogates Movie Premiere. The event ended at 11pm and we made our way back to my house and took our stuff. Then, we drove 3 cars to MY's house. Parked the 2 other cars and drove DY's car to Klang.

Arrived at DY's house at about 12.30am. Played with his puppy schnauzer for quite some time before I started to blog. It's already 2am and I'll try to go to bed now. Night...

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