Friday, September 25, 2009

Arthur's Day

Earlier today, ZS, AC and I went to KL Hilton and collected our Arthur's Day ticket from DiGi. After dinner, we walked to Sunway Lagoon for Arthur's Day.

Our free tickets!

There were still many people at the entrance even though the concert already started. Before we went in, all of us had to pass a temperature scan. The lady scanned me and she said I was TOO HOT! Finally on the third try, I was allowed to go in.

Me at the Entrance

The 3 of us at the Entrance

Lady who scanned our temperature

Then, we had to show our tickets to another staff before proceeding. There were some "noise balloons/sticks" left on a counter for free. Each of us took two and continued walking. Before entering Sunway Lagoon, we had to show them our tickets again. This time, they tore out a portion of the ticket.

Noise sticks!!

Note that came along with the Noise Sticks

We started making our way to the surf beach. On the way there, we stopped at several places to snap some pictures. After about 15 minutes, we arrived at the surf beach. Manhand was performing at that time. Since we were still free, the 3 of us explored the area.

Walking there...

ZS and I

Going down the escalator

More walking...

AC and I at the "History Tunnel"

Manhand (Malaysia) performing on stage

There was a "Gravity Bar", "Bronze Zone", "Silver Zone" and the "VIP Lounge". All these places were only accessible to VIPs. The only places we could go was "The Tavern" where they sold cups of beer for RM10 each, and "Arthur's Lounge" where they sold beer for RM 15.

Arthur's Lounge

Besides that, we could go to the toilet, or the common concert area. Before squeezing into the crowd, we visited the washroom. Then, it was time for action. Reshmonu was singing and when we started squeezing (or trying to squeeze) into the middle of the crowd.

This is actually part of the fun when coming to a concert as it is very challenging to FORCE your way through. I was quite happy that we managed to squeeze quite far into the crowd. Although we were deep in, the stage was still about 60 ft from us.

After squeezing in comes the next challenge called "Guarding Your Territory". This means we stop (or try to stop) others from forcing their way to the front of us. We used some tricks like "Leg-to-leg" and "arm-to-arm".

The people behind us

The energy has gone up a little notch so people start moving and putting their hands in the air. All these movements will sometimes hit you and someone might accidentally touch you. I will take this opportunity to say SORRY to those I accidentally hit, touched, or stepped on.

Other artistes like JJ and Ean, Serena C, Joe Flizzow, MJ116 and MC Hotdog took turns to perform/host. We missed Danny One and DJ Haze because we came in late. Every one of them who performed asked us to shout "To Arthur". In the advert, I always thought to myself "Who would be so crazy over Arthur". Now, I realized, even I was willing to do that. It's just so fun to shout something in unison with a huge group.

MC Hotdog from Taiwan was the second last to perform. Everyone knew that BEP was next. The crowd got impatient as the band kept singing song after song. Some of them then started holding their "Noise Sticks" to make a "X". AC did that too but I didn't want to do it as this would definitely make the band go into depression for weeks.

The band finally left the stage at about 10.30pm. Some crew members came on stage to tune the equipment. After waiting for 15 minutes, the Black Eyed Peas came out and STARTED THE PARTY with LET'S GET IT STARTED!

I was so hyped I jumped, shouted, and waved my "stick". Throughout their hour-long performance, I experienced the best and most energetic concert ever. Their performance just made us move a lot and it was really HIGH.

The BLACK EYED PEAS!!(You can tell by the 2 balloon robots)

After 40 minutes of moving up and down, my left leg suddenly cramped. I had to fight the cramp and couldn't move for a minute. Then, I decided to ignore it and continued waving my "stick" in the air. Jumping was nearly impossible though.

The Black Eyed Peas then started singing "Boom Boom Pow". Ignoring the cramps that might happen, I started jumping again. The group then ended the concert with "I Gotta Feeling". Everyone was so thirsty and tired so we weren't too sad that the concert was over.

The MASSIVE crowd then dispersed and slowly walked to the exit. Suddenly, there were fireworks going off! The beautiful display went on for about 10 minutes. Before we left, everyone at the beach shouted for a final time "TO ARTHUR!!"

Ending the concert with a BLAST!

We then slowly made our way towards the exit. We walked for about 5 minutes before I got another set of cramps. I decided to sit down while ZS and AC rested too. Soon after that, we continued walking to the exit.

Going back up the escalator...

The final 20 feet to the exit was the best! This was because we saw some staff giving out FREE BOTTLES OF WATER!! I can't believe they were SO CONSIDERATE! The organizers deserve a "BRAVO"! Each of us took 2 bottles and I downed both bottles in no time. We then made our way into Sunway Pyramid.

Free bottled water from Guinness!

250 remarkable years indeed! Hope for more to come!

We rested for about 10 minutes before going to the parking lot and driving back home. This marks the end of a the GOOD GOOD NIGHT of 2009. All this could only been made possible because of DiGi Music, Universal Music, Sunway Lagoon, Guinness, AC, ZS and not forgetting, ARTHUR!!

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