Monday, April 27, 2009

Transporter 4: Getting Used To Work

E woke me up again, this time at 7am. I then went to wash my face before sending her to school. Came back at about 7.30am and I read the newspapers for 20 minutes before going back to sleep. Woke up again at around 10am.

I then used the laptop for a while. I then received a mail from Facebook saying that they accidentally banned me and have now unbanned me. Anyway, used the laptop to do my BENV assignment but only managed to do a small portion because of other distractions.

We then ate lunch at around 1.30pm. Then, I continued using the laptop again till 2.30pm. I then watched the ending of TBL (repeat of Friday's episode) and watched Totally Spies with E after that. I then went back to using the laptop at 4.20pm.

At 5pm, M and I decided to make some cincau drink. GM helped us boil the sugar earlier and I already prepared cold water. M then sliced the cincau. After that, we mixed the 3 things together and it was ready for drinking.

Sliced Cincau (Black Jelly)


Sugar Water


Cold Water


Cincau Drink in a Jug

The cincau tasted BITTER even before I ate it! If a restaurant served me this, I would NEVER EVER go back there. Since it was our own creation, I just quickly swallowed it and left the rest for everyone else to drink.

Continued using the laptop till 6,30pm. I then went upstairs to shower. Came down and watched TBL till 8pm. Had dinner while watching TV. After that, I got more serious and started looking for facts to use in my BENV assignment.

At 10.40pm, I stopped doing my work and started chatting for a while. Then, I started blogging till now. It's almost 12am and I'll be going to bed soon. Gotta send E to school again at 7am for this 2 weeks. Haih...

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