Sunday, April 26, 2009

Transporter 4: Relaxing

Woke up at 10am and started showering. Then, I drove GM, J and E to SS house. We then met up with the rest of them and went to Kota Damansara for Dim Sum brunch. After that, we went back to SS's house.

SGG and family went back while SS brought GM to Tesco. I then played CS with LC and stopped after about an hour. SS and GM came back and I started looking for something to eat. K then toasted a slice of bread for me.

Toasted Bread

After 10 minutes, SS drove us home. SS and the girls went to take their clothes (for their stay in SS's house) while GM just wanted to rest at home. On the other hand, I went home because I wanted to go to 112.

After unloading the groceries from the car to the fridge, I then drove down to 112. Had some "tong sui" and used the laptop for about 15 minutes before we started playing Mahjong. At 6.30pm, we stopped as I had to go back to get ready for dinner. Won RM 3.90 for the day.

Sea Coconut Tong Sui

Once home, I went to shower. Then, I waited for GM and M to shower and get ready. We finally left the house at 7.30pm. Reached SS's house at about 7.50pm and we waited for them to get ready.

After awhile, we then drove out to Uptown for dinner. SS brought us to this place where they sell noodles. It used to be in the "Champion Duck" shop but it moved since Chinese New Year. SS ordered 5 dishes of noodles but I didn't want any drinks.

All the 5 dishes (sorry for slacking on descriptions)

The food came in batches because the chef cooks the in bulk. So, it was like a 5-course-dinner. Anyway, after the 4th dish, I was full. When we were done, SS paid and we left. We went to SS's house to sent them home and went home immediately.

Reached home around 9.45pm. I then turned on the TV and laptop. At 10.30pm, M and I watched Ghost. After that, I started blogging while watching TV. It's 12.45am now and I'll go to bed after completing this post. Gotta wake up at 7am to send E to school...

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