Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday E!

Woke up at 8.45am and used the laptop for a short while. Then, I packed both laptops and brought them downstairs. Had some bread before going to 112. Once there, I left my bag inside. Then, SC, YM and I walked to SNM for breakfast.

I ordered Roti Bom and Teh Tarik. The roti bom was plain on the top but the bottom was THICK with SUGAR!! SC warned me to NEVER introduce it to AM!! Haha, anyway, SC paid the RM10 and YM paid the remaining RM0.60. We then walked back to 112.

Roti Bom

After that, we took out the laptop rams as a sample of what we should buy. Then, KK dropped the 3 of us at the Bangsar LRT station. We then took the LRT to KLCC. Once there, we walked to the convention center.

We walked around for about 2 hours before finally buying all our stuff from one shop. I bought 4 2gb DDR2 RAMs and a splitter. The RM300 that dad gave me is now RM13! After that, we went back to the LRT station and took the train back to Bangsar. KK then picked us up and brought us back to 112.

4 X 2gb DDR2 RAM (RM 280) + 1 Splitter (RM 7)

Went inside and SC helped me install the RAMs into the laptops. I learnt how to do it too! The VAIO was upgraded to 4gb ram in no time. Unfortunately, the Vostro BIOS registered it as 4gb but the OS only reads 2.99gb!

After 2 hours of fiddling with it, I finally gave up. AM came home and went out for dinner with SC after that. They would be waking up at 4am and going to Redang. How nice. Anyway, I left 112 at about 5.30pm.

At home, I used the laptop for awhile before going to shower. At 7.30pm, all of us left the house and went to BV. We went to Fish and Co to celebrate E's birthday. AJ, GTA, MM, AC, SS, SS and K were there to join us too.

I ordered Fried Calamari for everyone to share. I also ordered Fish and Chips and a cup of Refillable Cola Tonic. At 8.30pm, the food and drinks finally arrived. The dinner was quite good except for the very slow service.

Cola Tonic - RM 9.50 (refillable)

Fried Calamari

Fish And Chips

At about 9.30pm, we asked them to bring out the cake. E's birthday cake was a 1.5kg Strawberry Ice Cream Cake from Haagen-Dazs. After singing the birthday song, E blowed the candles and dad cut the cake. Then, it was cake-eating time!

E's birthday cake

Dad "chopping" it!

After finishing the cake, dad paid the bill which was only about RM 250. We then went home and I packed my stuff. I then added a 1GB ram to our super old dell. It took quite some time because this one asked for a test.

I left it running while I hopped in SS's car and followed them home. I then did my assignment till about 1am and started using the laptop to blog. It's almost 2am now and I shall be sleeping as soon as I upload the pictures. Bye...

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