Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1st Blogaversary

Woke up at 7.45am and rushed to shower. Then, I turned on the laptop to practice on my presentation. At 8.45am, I then went to pick AM up and we went to SNM for breakfast. Parked right in front of the restaurant and went inside.

AM and I both ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. We finished our breakfast in about 20 minutes. AM went to pay and we left for TPM. Reached APIIT at 10am and I parked behind the building. I then went to look for AC while AM went to her office.

Roti Planta

AC and the rest were with the counsellor. I waited for them to come out before going to class with them. Before class started, I took out the slides to go through. After a while, everyone else started pouring in.

My group volunteered to be the 3rd team to present. And thanks AM and SC for the tie. Haha, quite happy as I got a satisfying comment from Goofy. Class ended at 12.30pm and we went to the lab for another hour of lab session.

We then went to KFC for lunch. I ordered a Zinger Combo and was quite content. We were the only ones upstairs and we stayed there for quite some time chatting. After that, we decided to go home since IA class was cancelled.

Zinger Combo - RM 9

Reached home at about 3.30pm. I then watched some TV, took a nap, and started to watch Bleach. After that, I played Farm Frenzy while watching TV. At 6.30pm, we watched the final episode of TBL season 3.

The show ended at 8pm but dad came online. All of us did some chatting with him till about 8.30pm. We then quickly went to Delicious for dinner. The excuse for it was to celebrate my blogaversary.

Anyway, I ordered English Fish and Chips and we shared a Classic Chocolate Cake. Although we only ordered 4 mains and 1 dessert, the bill was above RM 100. Mum paid and we went home. It was already 9.50pm and I used the laptop for a little while more.

English Fish & Chips - RM 28.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

The Bill - RM 105.05

At 10.30pm, we watched DH and I continued watching TV while blogging till now (12.45am). Gonna upload the pictures and go to bed. Night...

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