Friday, April 24, 2009

Hell Is Unleashed!

Woke up at 10am today and had cereal for breakfast. Used the laptop to do some research and work till about 1.30pm. I then ordered Pizza for lunch since GM wasn't cooking. By 2.10pm, the pizza arrived.

2 Regular Pizzas and 1 Garlic Bread - RM 32+

Mum, E and I then started eating. After that, I used the laptop again to do part of my assignment. M and J came home later. Mum went to the temple for a while and came back at about 4.20pm. She then brought M and I to A&W.

M bought 3 regular rootbeers while I went to buy a Bear Essential (all mint) and a waffle with a single scoop of ice cream. We shared the food and was done by 5pm. We then quickly rushed home but was still caught in the jam.

Single Scoop Ice Cream with Waffle - RM 5.90

Bear Essentials (all mint) - RM 4.80

Root Beers - RM 1.20 each (with A&W TnG card)

Once home, my stomach felt uncomfortable so I went to "answer the call" and showered too. After that, I played Farm Frenzy till about 6.30pm and we watched TBL. The taxi came at about 6.50pm and we said bye to mum.

At 7.20pm, we finally left the house and drove to SS's house. Surprisingly, the jam wasn't that bad today. We only waited about 5 minutes without moving. The rest was smooth. SS's family then hopped into the car and we went to Pak Li Kopitiam in Kota Damansara.

This time I ordered a Nasi Ayam Lemon and shared a Durian Cendol with K. The Nasi Ayam Lemon was quite good and worth the money too. The durian had a nice taste but I didn't see any cendol inside. When we were done, SS paid and we left.

Durian Cendol - RM 4.60

Nasi Ayam Lemon - RM 4.90

The Bill - RM 64.70

Went into SS's house for about 15 minutes before going back home. Reached home around 10.20pm and turned on the laptop. Checked my mail and went to the bath room for an emergency. Came back down later to use the laptop.

My first challenge then appeared. E was being grumpy and I asked her "what is your problem" gently. Unfortunately, she replied "What is YOUR problem?". I asked her the same thing and she answered me that again.

I decided to stop talking to her and let her be. A big invisible "FAIL" is stamped on my forehead. I really don't know what to do. And this is only less than 4 hours since mum left. Many more of this is going to happen. I just hope I can survive it...

It's 11pm and I'm finishing this post. Have to wake up and send M to school tomorrow. And will spend the rest of the day being "The Transporter". Going to be damn tiring. Better get some sleep first...

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