Monday, April 13, 2009

Final Battle

Woke up in SS's house at 10am. I then washed up and went downstairs and turned on the laptop. I then started to finish up my BENV. At 12pm, SS came home for a while. After he left, I decided to have Koko Crunch for brunch. peed in mattress
About half an hour later, K came back from school. By 2pm, SS came home. He wanted to bring us out for lunch but K and I were already full. I finished my BENV by 2.30pm then SS brought K and I to Damansara Kim.

We went to this restaurant called River Fish. They had this lunch promo which was quite worth it. Just RM 3.50 (before tax) for a cup of Chinese tea and a plate of rice/noodles of the day. I ordered iced Chinese tea and a plate of fried rice.

Tea and Fried Rice - RM 3.50 (before tax)

The rice was okay and the tea was normal. At about 3pm, we were the only ones eating there. It was going to rain so SS paid and we quickly went back. It then started to rain. Since it was raining heavily, we turned off the modem and I took a nap while K did her homework.

At about 4.30pm, we turned the modem back on. I then used the laptop to create the cover pages for our assignments. I quickly sent it over to AC to let his mum print it by 5.30pm. At about 6pm, dad came and brought me home.

Reached home at 6.25pm and drank a tall size Starbucks Ice Blended Green Tea. Watched an episode of The Nanny and TBL till it was 8pm. Waited for M to come out of the shower before I went to shower.

At about 8.45pm, M, E and I went downstairs for dinner. After my dinner, I quickly came upstairs as there was a cockroach in the kitchen. Touched up on my assignments and refined my references. After that, I burnt the assignments into CDs.

Did those minor and final touches till 12.30an, I then started to blog till now. It's 1.10am already and I should sleep soon. Bye...

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