Friday, April 3, 2009

Taking A Break

Woke up at about 9.30am and used the laptop till 11.30am. Then, I continued with the laptop while they woke up and showered. We were all ready by 12.30pm but just sat together and chatted till about 1pm.

After that, we went into AL's car and he drove back to MY's house. I then went back to my car and drove on home. Finally reached home at about 1.50pm and had lunch. I then watched some TV and used the laptop till about 5pm.

Dad came back and we took the VAIO to Sony Center for awhile. We came back and watched TV till 8pm before going for dinner. We wanted to go to 1Utama but it was jammed even BEFORE the toll gate.

So, once we passed the toll, we quickly detoured to Section 17. Dad then brought us to 6to10 Grill for dinner. I ordered Fish & Chips and a Large Watermelon juice. The fish was okay but the chips tasted like plastic! The juice wasn't nice too...

Fish & Chips - RM 11.50

Watermelon Juice (B) - RM 5

Banana Fritters - RM 5.50

The Bill - RM 83.50

After we finished our main course, M and I decided to order Banana Fritters with Ice Cream to try. It wasn't that great at all. Anyway, dad paid up and we went back home. Once home, I used the laptop and watched TV till 1am.

Started blogging till now which is already 2am. Gonna be sleeping right after I post the pictures. Bye...

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