Sunday, April 5, 2009

1 Assignment Less!!

Woke up at 10.45am and used the laptop for awhile. Then, went down for some apple juice and water. Came up and used the laptop till 12.30pm. Mum then brought us 4 kids to Mizu in BV.

Grilled Eel Set - RM 32 (before tax)

I decided to order a Unagi Set as I haven't ordered it for quite some time. We waited for our food and started eating when it came. The unagi today wasn't that good because they gave me an old eel with lots of bones!

Anyway, mum paid up and we left the place. She went to pay the parking ticket and we had to pay an extra RM 1.50 because we exceeded the time by just ONE MINUTE!! We couldn't do anything so mum just paid it and we went home.

Dad was already back when we reached home. Mum, dad and E then watched Bedtime Stories on DVD while J and I used the laptop. I made myself finish the MBUS assignment and by 5pm, my parts was complete! Just have to do some minor touch ups before handing it in.

Went to shower at 6.30pm and all of us went out for dinner at about 7.10pm. Dad wanted to eat in cheras but it traffic got heavy before we even reached there. So, dad detoured and we ended up eating in Huen Kee Claypot Chicken Rice.

Dad then ordered 2 big bowls of claypot chicken rice, 5 pieces of taufu, fried beansprouts, and a "Zhu Geok Chou". The chicken rice was ordinary but the taufu and beansprouts were nice. Mum finished her Zhu Geok Chou since nobody wanted it.

Claypot Chicken Rice (Big) - RM 19

Fried Beansprouts - RM

Fried Taufu - RM 1/each

As we were finishing, DGG and family came and joined us. They ate some of our food and dad paid the bill. The lady missed out RM 2 and decided to give us the RM 2 off as a discount. All of us then went to the restaurant next door called "Old Friends Cafe".

The bill - RM 72

The owner was DGG's friend so they ordered their dinner there. Some of us ordered drinks just to try. I didn't order anything and just sat near SC and watched him eat. DGJ paid and all of us went home.

Once home, I used the laptop to chat and facebook. KW came online and I gave him the assignment and asked him to do some work with it. Then, I waited for ZS to come online and asked him to send me WLH's songs.

After receiving it, I sent it to C in Switzerland. I then started blogging till now which is 1.50am. Going to bed really soon. Night...

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