Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Alarm rang at 8am but I snoozed it and only woke up at 8.30am. Went downstairs for a while and came up to use the laptop. Showered, got dressed, packed the camera, and went off to college. Arrived at 10am and went to the lab to edit something and reprinted some pages.

Then, AC, ZS and I went over to our BENV class. The lecturer taught us for an hour and let us use the other hour to finish up our assignments. All of us then went to the lab to finalize our assignments. We then printed our final copies and went downstairs to bind them.

The person who binded our assignments was an a**. Someone from behind asked us to hurry up and he mumbled "if you want to be fast, do it yourself". When it was my turn, his sister came back from a break and asked why were they suddenly so many people.

He then answered in Hokkien "Everyone has 3 assignments to bind, how can't there be many people?". When I handed him the four assignment (binding for ZS), he then told his sister "Ha, this one has four assignments".

In my opinion, he should be grateful that we even want to give them business. That was not the worst. When it was time for me to pay, I gave him RM 50. He asked if I had small change and I said "no". He then SNATCHED the RM 50 from me and SHOVED the change in my hands.

I then stood in front of him arranging my money before I left. Then, I went and told AL, AC and ZS that he was an A** without giving the details. AL then went and told KW and ML to come out of the line and do their binding elsewhere.

We then went for lunch at Pizza Hut. I ordered a Express Meal 4 to share with KW. Each of us had a personal pan with a cup of Pepsi, soup, and garlic bread for RM 9. After a filling lunch, we then paid up and left.

Express Meal: Soup

Express Meal: Italian Chicken Pizza

Express Meal: Garlic Bread

Reached class at 3pm and there wasn't even 10 students. All of then were probably rushing to complete their assignments. As usual, Lili's class ended early. We then went back to APIIT and handed in our assignments in the new "Assignment Submission Counter".

After that, we decided to go to MV early. AL dropped me at my car and I drove to Gardens. The kind guard there allowed me to go AGAINST traffic to get a nice parking spot. Anyway, met up with AC and ZS again in Food Garden.

We were finalizing and discussing about the food review later. At 5.45pm, we left the place and walked to Delicious in Mid Valley. Then, we started our video recording. Met up with the Restaurant Manager, Keith and he got us a table.

We then started asking a supervisor to suggest some food. After that, we made our orders. While waiting for the food to be served, Miss Abby, Head of Research and Development, arrived and we started interviewing her.

After she left, we started feasting on our main courses. I had a Watermelon and Lychee Blast, Grilled Chicken Cos Lettuce Salad, and some wedges to share among us. AC and AL could not finish their main course and I had to help them with it.

Watermelon and Lychee Blast

Grilled Chicken Cos Lettuce Salad

After that, we decided to order dessert. AC and AL's super stomach then suddenly was empty! We only ordered 3 desserts to share but those 2 gluttons wanted to order MORE! Luckily I stopped them from doing that.

Overall, the food was good and so was the service and ambiance. The total RM 235.55 worth of food was on the house but that means we have to crack our brains to write a much more complete and professional review. Please login to FoodUnzipped for further updates.

We walked around for 15 minutes before going home. Once home, I went to shower and downloaded the photos after that. Used the laptop to surf the net and watch Igor till about 10.30pm.

Then, I rushed down to watch Desperate Housewives. At about 11.45pm, I came up and started blogging. Got sidetracked by chatting and finally completed this post at 12.55am. Gotta upload the photos before sleeping. Bye...

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