Friday, April 17, 2009

Mid Valley Incident

Woke up at 10am and used the laptop till 10.40am. Then, I went to shower and drove to MV. Immediately found a parking spot and went up to the third floor to meet up with AC and ZS. After that, we walked back down to "I Love Yoo!" for brunch.

ZS introduced this place to us. I then ordered the RM 3.90 set which came with a bowl of braised scallop porridge and "you tiao". The "you tiao" was really crunchy and the porridge was quite nice too. Was totally bloated after that.

You Tiao and Porridge Set - RM 3.90

Since we still had time, we walked around and ended up in Speedy looking at videos and cds. At about 12.20pm, AL and MY arrived and we walked to Kenny Rogers. DY and HX came moments later.

Since I was full, I ordered a Round-up platter which comes with any 3 side dishes and a muffin. I chose potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salad, and chocolate muffin. Everything was good except the pasta salad which was tasteless.

Kenny Roger's Round-up Platter - RM 8.90

After our lunch, we walked up to GSC and collected the tickets. It's been a long time since I didn't order a drink so I bought a regular Ice Lemon Tea for RM 2.50. We then went into the cinema hall and watched Shinjuku Incident.

The show was about Steelhead who illegally went to Japan. He then got involved in the Yakuza with the intention to get a better life for him and his friends. After a long struggle, he managed to get some gang territory.

Then, he made the biggest mistake by letting his friends handle the territory. They then sold drugs and did illegal stuff which attracted the cops. At the end of the movie, everyone dies. Steelhead's hard work was for nothing...

Movie ended at 3.45pm and we walked a bit more before going home. Reached back home at 4pm and used the laptop till about 6pm. Had ice cream and watched TV till 6.30pm. AM then called me and asked me to drive down to 112.

Once there, we went in 2 cars to Shell in Jalan Telawi. They were having a promo event where V-power was only RM 2.12 per liter. Customers can also predict the price of their full tank. If the pump stops exactly at the stated price, they won't need to pay for the petrol.

YM won RM60 of petrol earlier and that was what made KK and I come here. Unfortunately, both KK and I didn't guess the right amount. I predicted RM 37 but it was RM 41. Anyway, we were given a goodie bag.

Random stuff from the goodie bag

Went home and watched TBL till 8pm. Then, I went to the back for dinner. Used the laptop again till 9pm and went upstairs to shower. At 9.30pm, I watched OIAM since its gonna be the finals in 2 weeks.

After that, I used the laptop to blog while watching American Idol on and off. It's 12.50am now and I'll be sleeping as soon as the photos are uploaded. Night...

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