Thursday, April 9, 2009


Woke up at 7am and went downstairs for breakfast. Mum spread some meat floss on bread for me. Then, I went upstairs to shower and get ready for college. Left the house at 8.10am and reached class just in time.

Those who didn't do their presentation yesterday then presented for the whole 2 hours. After that, we went to the lab and did some work for about one hour before going for lunch. We went to JoJo's Kitchen in Kuchai Lama.

I ordered a Lor Pan Mee which was quite nice and worth the money. The toast I ordered wasn't that great though. After everyone was done, we paid up and left the place. We reached ENT3 at 1.15pm and had another half an hour to spare. We watched "Transporter" till 1.45pm and then went for class.

Lor Pan Mee - RM 5.80

Butter Toast - RM 2

The bill - RM 68.60

Mr Lili taught us about E-commerce and ended the class at 3pm. We then asked him some questions about our Individual Assignment before going out of class. Then, I waited for AC to finish his movie before we (AC, ZS and I) went to IOI Mall to walk around and relax.

The mall wasn't that nice and we didn't buy anything in the end. After that, AC dropped ZS home and then dropped me back at APIIT. Next, I drove myself home and finally reached at about 6pm.

As I was driving home, this happened! Now one piece is missing!

Used the laptop till about 7pm and went downstairs to watch TBL. Ate dinner at 8pm and went to shower and use the laptop after that. Dad came back about 40 minutes later and brought some souvenirs too.

Mum reached the house at 9.20pm. Dad then drove mum, M and I to A&W in PJ for dessert. I ordered a Bear Essentials (all mint) and M had a waffle. Dad bought a root beer for us to share. This time, the mint ice cream was different and it didn't taste as nice as before...

We shared the 4 scoops of Mint

M finished it all by herself!

After we were done, we went home and I started working on my assignments. Just left 10% of MBUS, 40% of BENV and 50% of IA to complete. It's almost 1am now and I shall go to bed after uploading the pictures. Bye...

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