Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cool Day, Bad Night

Woke up at 8am and printed the draft. Then, went to shower and got dressed. At 8.50am, I drove down to 112 and picked AM. We then drove to Sri Nirvana Maju for breakfast. I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. We were done by 9.20am so AM paid and we left.

Roti Planta

Reached TPM at 9.40am and there was no place to park in ENT3. I then parked in front of APIIT and AM bought the one-day car pass for me. I then left it on my dashboard and went to the lab. Used the computer till 10.30am before going to class.

Parking Pass

Class ended at 12.30pm and we went to the lab for IA lab session. We wasted our one-hour session there surfing facebook as usual. After that, we went to McD for lunch. I ordered the Double cheeseburger set. ZS and I then ordered 2 apple pies to share.

My lunch - RM 8

I was quite full after eating. When I ate the apple pie, it turned out to be banana pie. ZS ate his and it was banana too. Both of us then went to the counter and complained to them. They then gave us 2 new apple pies and let us keep the 2 banana pies!

Banana Pie - RM 1.50

Apple Pie - RM 0.00

After lunch, we went back to ENT3 for class. Once we arrived, Mr Lili was inside and told us that if we had questions about our assignment, we could go see him. Those who had no questions could go home.

While AC was asking some questions, we texted Mr Seva and asked him if he could meet up with us to review our MBUS group assignment. He replied "K" so we quickly rushed over to the main building and met him.

He did the review for us and even said my essay was good! Anyway, that doens't matter because the presentation is tomorrow! We then went to the admin and extended our student IDs. After that, I dropped them off at their cars.

New ID and Lanyard

Then, I went home and started correcting the mistakes that he pointed out. Used the laptop for awhile before having dinner. Did some work and watched DH at 10.30pm. Came back up to work on the powerpoint slides.

The lecturer would pick 3 groups to present tomorrow and the hand-in date for the assignment is only next week. Although it is weird, this is what we were asked to do. So, we stayed up till now, 1.25am, and still haven't got our slides done.

Should be sleeping after I get the slides done. Night...

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