Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools

Woke up at 9.45am and started using the laptop. The download was done but I somehow downloaded the wrong format and that required some license. Had cereal with milk for breakfast and went to shower at 10.50am.

Drove to TPM and reached there at about 11.40am. I then hopped into AC's car and the four of us went to Star Village in OUG. We reached there at about 12pm and nobody was there. I ordered the Set Lunch for RM 7.90.

Set Lunch: Lemon Chicken + Lemon Tea

Set Lunch: Mint Ice Cream

The food took about 20 minutes when we were the ONLY customers. Anyway, the food was not that good but I still finished it. I tried ZS's lamb and it wasn't that great too. The only nice one was AC's rendang chicken.

As we were leaving, the restaurant started filling up with people. Anyway, we went back to ENT3 and used the laptop till about 1.40pm. Then, we went into class. MBUS class ended at 3.40pm and we went up to Deli for some food.

I didn't order anything and just stayed there and chatted with them. After that, we went back down for BENV class. Class was dismissed at 6pm and I drove home as usual. I then started to use the laptop till 8pm.

We had dinner at 8.10pm and I used the laptop again. Went to shower at about 8.45pm and AGAIN used the laptop. Suddenly, the Internet became super slow. I thought it was the usual router problem so I restarted the modem and waited.

To my horror, 95% of websites couldn't be accessed. The only ones that could still work was Blogger, Google and Skype. AC had the same problem but most of my friends didn't have any problem at all.

Dad came back at about 10pm and I helped him fix the VOSTRO connection prob. Then, I started writing my draft for the MBUS assignment. Without any contact with online resources, I could hardly do my draft.

Anyway, I managed to finish up a rough copy by 2am. Forced myself to write this post till 2.30am and will be sleeping Immediately! Bye...

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