Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Transporter 4: The Relaxing Day

This time, J woke me up at 6.40am. After washing up, I still had to wait for E for another 5 minutes before leaving the house. Finally reached home at about 7.10am. Read newspaper again till 7.30am and went back to sleep.

Woke up at 8.30am and started using the laptop till 9.30am. Then, I went to shower and get ready for college. At 9.50am, I left the house. Went for BENV class today and the remaining groups did their presentation.

He dismissed the class at around 12.20pm. We then went to the lab for our class. At 1.40pm, we went to Seri Kembangan for lunch at Yoke Heng. We ordered 4 dishes and all of it was quite nice. To our surprise, the bill came out to RM 118 which means RM 15.50 per person.

Choi Dam - Okay

Signature Taufu (wet) - My favourite dish

Butter Wings - RM 4.50 per piece!

Flaming Pork Ribs - Standard dropped

We paid the bill and went back to ENT3 for class. The lecturer showed us some past semester papers and we let him review our assignments. Something else unnecessary happened between two boys. It was just like primary school.

After that, I dropped everyone off at APIIT and drove home. Used the laptop till about 6.50pm surfing facebook. Then, I went upstairs to shower. Once I came down, dad was on Skype. We then video called for about 20 minutes before saying bye.

Continued watching TBL till about 8pm before having dinner. At 9pm, I went down to 112 for some "tong sui". We chatted till about 10pm and YM introduced me to "Mr Siao Mandarin Class". It is a comedy that is screening every Wednesday at 9.30pm on NTV7.

Fu Chuk Yee Mai Tong Sui

We went to NTV7's website to watch part one of last week's episode. It was so funny I got interested immediately. At 10.30pm, I went home to watch DH. When the commercials were played, M and I rushed up to watch parts of the show.

Both of us even waited for it to load and watched it till 12.45am. This was by far the craziest excuse for M to stay up late. Haha, this proves how addicting it can be. Everyone should go watch it.

I better finish this post and go to bed too. Night...

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