Monday, April 20, 2009

Wish It Was Me

Woke up at 10.15am and washed up. Had cereal for breakfast and looked up some websites for my BENV individual assignment. At about 11.30pm, I got bored looking at those words. So, I decided to play Farm Frenzy.

Waited for the girls to come home before having lunch. Only had lunch at about 3.30pm. Then, I went on playing Farm Frenzy till about 5.30pm. Dad bought 6 donuts from Big Apple so I took a break and had some.

6 Donuts from Big Apple, Mid Valley

At 6.30pm, dad left for Australia. Mum will be leaving on Friday to join him. How I wish it was me going on a holiday. Went to shower and came down to watch TBL. After that, mum and I watched a bit of Oprah and had dinner at about 8.30pm.

I then used the laptop to finalize our BENV slides for tomorrow's presentation. At 10.30pm, I started blogging. It's 11am now but it feels so late. This is probably because dad's not around and everyone else are sleeping. Night...

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