Saturday, April 4, 2009

Serviced At Last

Woke up at 8.45am and heard people shouting at each other downstairs. It was E and J. Anyway, I just washed up, went to change and was ready to leave the house. GM, E, J, Dad and I then went into the Avanza and dad drove to Ikea.

We arrived at about 9.20am and there were very little cars. We then went up to the restaurant and looked for a place to sit. SS and SS then joined us minutes later. E and I waited with GM while the rest went to buy food.

Egg Tarts (top) and Chicken Siew Bao (bottom)

Spring Rolls (bottom) and Chicken Wings (middle)

Dad bought quite a variety of food and I tried one of everything. The popiah was quite nice and so was the Chicken Siew Bao. Chicken wings were okay but the egg tart wasn't that great though. Had two cups of coffee and was kinda full after that.

Then, GM and E followed SS and SS back. Dad, J and I went looking for shower curtain in Ikea. We then decided to get it from somewhere else and went to get batteries instead. We walked up and down Ikea a few times before finally buying the AAA batteries.

Next, we walked over to Ikano and went into Aussino. Unfortunately, they didn't sell shower curtains. So, we walked over to MetroJaya in The Curve and they told us to go check at Living Quarters.

The shower curtain in Living Quarters were very low-quality ones so we decided not to buy it. Then, we went into Sony Style to look at some stuff. After that, we walked back to Ikea and drove to SS's house.

Watched PLMIT while waiting for SS, GM and E to come back from Tesco. Then, dad and I drove to the Toyota Service Center at Jalan 217. We sent it in for servicing and had some coffee there. SS drove the rest of them here and picked us up.

All of us then went to the Hawker Center in Pasar Besar PJ. Dad went to this Chinese stall and ordered some dishes. I didn't like the food that much but still ate it. Dad paid for the food and we left the place.

4 dishes total - RM 48

We went back to SS's house and took some stuff. Then, SS drove all of us home and we watched Bride Wars on DVD. At about 3.40pm, SS dropped Dad at the Toyota Service Center on his way home.

I continued using the laptop till about 5.30pm and decided to go shower. Came out and used the laptop to do some work till 7.30pm. Waited till everyone was ready before going out for dinner. It was raining heavily so we decided to eat in BV.

After parking the car, we went to Nando's. Looked at the menu and started ordering our food. I got myself a Hot 1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelines (Peri Chips and Peri Potato Salad). The food came soon enough and everyone started eating.

Hot 1/4 Chicken with Potato Salad and Peri Chips - RM 14.50

My Yucky Leftovers

It was hard to get all the meat from my chicken so I just ate what I could reach. The chicken wasn't that nice anyway but the Potato Salad and Chips were great. The next time I come here, I'll probably just order the sidelines.

When we were done, mum ordered a Mango Pudding to try. Once it was served, we noticed that it was exactly what we could get from the supermarket! M and I went to Village Grocer and bought a packet of cincau. Then, we went to look for the jelly pudding.

Mango Pudding with Cream and Chocolate Syrup - RM 2

Comes in a pack of 6 for RM 4.50 in VG!!

The bill - RM 108.90

After that, we went to pay the parking and went home. Used the laptop for a while before calling YM. M and I then went down to 112 and played with the kids for awhile. AP gave us some "Fu Zhuk Tong Sui" and we ate it.

AP's Fu Zhuk Yee Mai Tong Sui

We then went out to watch TV while playing with the kids. At about 10.40pm, everyone went home and the movie was over. M and I then said bye and went home too. Once home, I waited for dad to get off the laptop before using it again.

Watched TV till 11.30pm and started blogging till now. I'll go to sleep as soon as I'm done with this post. Night...

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