Thursday, April 16, 2009


Woke up at 7.30am and quickly went down for breakfast. Then, I quickly showered and went for class. Reached class at 8.40am and luckily the lecturer was in a good mood today. Class ended at 10.20am and went to lab for another hour.

After that, we went to Good Tea for lunch. I ordered Claypot Chicken Rice and Iced White Coffee. The rice was good and made me very full but the coffee was not even good. After that, we quickly drove back to APIIT for our progression briefing.

Claypot Chicken Rice (RM 4.50) and Iced White Coffee (RM 1.80)

The lecturer was 30 minutes late. She then came in and gave us a quick briefing on what are the 3 courses we can take in future. After that, we rushed over to ENT3 for our IA class. All groups did a simple presentation on E-commerce which will help us in our marks if we get low grades later.

My group was the first to present and was allowed to go back immediately after that. Instead, we decided to watch everyone do their presentations. At about 2.30pm, DY reached the class. He brought a packet of Kisses for us from Thailand.

Packet of Kisses! Thanks DY!

Throughout the class, I took about 8 pieces of chocolate. I had to stop myself from taking more as it was so tempting! We all went back at 3.30pm. Reached home around 4pm and used the laptop till about 7pm.

Then, I watched TBL while eating dinner. At 8pm, I brought M to Lucky Garden as she needed to photocopy something. Reached home at 8.30pm. I went to shower immediately. Then, I followed MM, AC and mum to BV.

MM parked in BV and we walked over to Coffee Bean in BV II. I ordered an Ice Blended Ultimate Extreme and the rest ordered their drinks and a cheesecake to share. Total bill was a ridiculous RM 62.90.

The Ultimate Extreme - RM 14.90 + RM 1.50


We relaxed and chatted there till about 9.30pm before leaving. I then came back and used the laptop to chat and blog. It's 11.45pm now and maybe I'll just sleep after this post. Bye...

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