Thursday, April 2, 2009

At AL's Place

Alarm rang at 7am, snoozed it and only woke up at 7.30am. Went down to have breakfast and quickly came up and showered. Left the house at 8.10am and reached TPM around 8.35am. Reached class just in time and escaped being marked late.

The air-cond was under maintenance for about 90 minutes so we were suffering like in an oven. Just as class was going to end, the air-cond was back on. Class was dismissed and we quickly went to the lab to print our draft.

I turned on the lab's PC and sent the documents to print. When I went to the printing area, the guy told me to switch to Mono2. After I did it and went back there, the guy ran out and didn't come back for 15 minutes.

A lecturer came into the lab and asked us to go out. So, we had to find another lab and print the documents again. By the time we finished printing and went up to the lecturer's room, Mr Seva already went for his other class. That means we would only be able to let him review our draft next week...

Anyway, went back to lab to use the computer till 11.30am. Then, we drove to Good Tea for lunch. I ordered a Iced White Kopi and a "Roasted Pork and Barbecued Pork" Rice. The food tasted the same and we went back to TPM at about 1pm.

Iced White Kopi - RM 1.60

Roasted Pork and Barbecued Pork Rice - RM 4

Watched Bedtime Stories till 1.45pm and went for IA class. Mr Lili taught us till it was 3pm and dismissed us. We then finished watching the movie and used our laptops till 5pm. Then, we drove to MY's house and parked there.

DY, ZS and I then brought our stuff over to AL's car and we went to his house. Once there, we unpacked and used our laptops till 8.30pm. AL and I took turns to shower and all of us went out for dinner after that.

AL brought us to a restaurant and we ordered some 3 plates of noodles and Sotong fried with "salted Duck Eggs". The total bill was RM 60 but the food was jsut ordinary. We paid up and went back to AL's house.

3 plates of noodles - RM 40+

The "Ham Dan" Sotong - RM 15

They played a round of Dota before finally starting with our assignments. Since the Internet connection was super slow, I just gave them some points and asked them to work on it by themselves at home.

It's 1am and we will be sleeping soon. This is actually the earliest we have slept when we have sleepovers. This is all thanks to the super slow streamyx line... Night...

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