Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Transporter 4: The Frustrating CRASH!!

Woke up at 6.50am and sent E to school. When I checked on the laptop, it was on BLUE SCREEN! I restarted it for almost an hour but it still failed to start. I then smsed SC to ask for help. He then told me to go over tonight.

I then went to sleep for another hour before trying with the laptop again. Still it was a failure so I gave up. Washed up and showered by 11am and I drove to ENT3. Reached there by 11.30am and we went for lunch.

We reached McD 5 minutes before 12pm so we waited till 12pm before lining up. I then ordered a Big Mac Set for RM 7.95 before tax. It was quite worth it but the only disappointing event was I found some HAIR on the cup!


Big Mac Set - RM 7.95

After that, we went back to ENT3 for our class. 4 hours went by and it was 5.40pm. I waited in the car for AM to finish her work. Then, I dropped her at 112 and I went home. I then took my laptop and hard disk over to 112 after showering.

AM cooked spaghetti so I had some. After that, it was time to fix my laptop. First, SC took out my hard disk to try backing up. We inserted it into a external hard disk case and attached it to his laptop. Unfortunately, it couldn't open.

AM's Spaghetti

We tried this with YM's laptop and it didn't work either. SC said the hard disk crashed and could be used anymore. Even if we could recover the data, I would have to buy a new hard disk. So, we rushed to MV and bought a 160gb Hitachi Hard Disk.

160gb SATA Hard Disk - RM 168

While exiting, the lady said I didn't have to pay for the parking. How kind, this was definitely the best event today. Once back in 112, SC installed the new hard disk for me and we started installing Windows.

At about 10.30pm, it was done. We then spent the rest of our time struggling with the drivers. At 11.30pm, the wireless and bluetooth were still not working. Anyway, I left 112 and called it a night.

Once home, I turned on the laptop and tried a few more times. Failed again. I then gave up and started installing my daily needs. I downloaded FireFox and started installing it by 12.10pm. I then viewed some blogs before quickly writing this post.

I'll have to sleep very soon since I gotta wake up early tomorrow. Pictures will be updated when I get my bluetooth back! Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be settled. Wonder what mum would say when all her pics are gone. Haih...

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