Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Blog Post From Starbucks

Woke up today at about 9am. I then watched Heroes till 10am and surfed the net. Suddenly, I realized it was 10.30am. I immediately went to shower and get ready. After that, I drove to Gardens and was just in time to meet up with the rest.

There was no class today so we could still go for our karaoke session. Mr Sevakumar went to a NS camp for the week so we don't have his class. Those in the NS camp must be enjoying themselves. Haha...

We then went into Red Box and we were brought to room 53. I quickly ordered Gaberoni Pasta and Milk Tea as I was hungry. Unfortunately, everyone else's food was already here but I had to wait an hour for mine.

Gamberoni Pasta & Milk Tea

The bill - RM 11 for those with student cards

Anyway, we had fun singing and my food arrived at about 12.10pm. It had prawns on it so I gave all my prawns to ZS and had the rest of the tomato pasta. The drinks came long ago but this time, the milk tea was the WORST EVER! They used to serve the best though...

At 2pm, we stopped singing and went down to I Love Yoo! for snacks. AC was hungry so he ordered porridge and sweet potato balls. The rest ordered too but I just stayed away from the oily food. After that, AC still wasn't satisfied so we went to Subway and he bought a 6-inch sandwich.

Then, we went to our cars and drove to TPM. After parking at APIIT, we walked to ENT3 for our BENV class. There was no lecture actually. Goofy just used the time to let the other groups finish their presentation.

Since we already did the presentation, we did our storyboard while listening to the presentation. Class ended at 5.30pm and we went home. I then used the laptop and watched TBL Season 4 on Hallmark.

At 8pm, I went to shower and came down for dinner. After using the laptop and watching some TV, I asked mum about tonight's "outing". We were supposed to go to A&W but none of the girls wanted to come along.

So, mum changed the plans and we ended up going to Starbucks in BV II. Mum asked me to bring the laptop along so that she could show MM a blog about their old school times. Once we parked our car, she called to say she was not coming.

We then went to Starbucks and I ordered a Venti Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino. Since I had the laptop, I decided to start blogging here. Although it is very common for people to do this, it was my first time.

Venti Chocolate Cream Chip Frappucino split into 2 tumblers - RM 13.50

Nothing different though except from listening to the weird jazz of Starbucks and sitting down on a super low chair with the laptop on the table. Haha, I'm gonna end my post here to enjoy the rest of my coffee. Bye...

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