Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Preparing For War

Woke up at 8am today and used the laptop till 9.40am. Then, went to get ready for college and shower. Left the house at 10.10am and reached TPM at 10.30am. Bought a parking ticket and carefully scratched it.

Walked with AL to class and chatted on the way. We were talking about the parking ticket and I suddenly realize that I scratched "30" instead of "31" for the day. We were already near APIIT so I just decided to leave it be.

Had BENV class again but today the lecturer didn't teach much. Class was over at 12.30pm so we went up to PitStop for food. I didn't buy anything but ate some of AL's fries. After that, we went down for lab session.

One hour later, we went out for lunch. AC suggested KFC but I didn't like it. Since we had nowhere else to go and were in a rush, I just decided to give in. We then went in 2 cars to the KFC in Sri Petaling.

We took some time looking for a parking spot. Then, we waited about 30 minutes to finally get our order. That was mainly because they only opened one cashier and opened another one when everyone complained. Plus, they work SUPER SLOW too!

When it was finally my turn, I ordered a Set Lunch B. It came with some rice, coleslaw, 2 strips of chicken and a drink. I was not satisfied with the meal but luckily the Pepsi made me full. All of us then left at about 3pm and reached class at 3.15pm.

Jom Jimat Meal 3 - RM 5.70

Class ended even before 4pm. I then used my laptop to watch "Open Season 2" and did some facebooking while waiting for AM. At 6pm, I walked to my car and drove it to APIIT to pick AM. We then drove back to 112.

After we put our stuff inside, we took an umbrella each and walked over to BV. Bought the ingredients for tonight's dinner and came back. AM prepared dinner while I used the laptop to facebook again.

The Ingredients - RM 20++

Homemade Spaghetti

At 7.20pm, SC came back and we had our dinner. After having the spaghetti and the Campbell soup, I was so full I burped loudly twice! Used the laptop at their house till about 9.20pm before coming back home.

Once home, I went to shower and turned on the laptop downstairs. Used the laptop till 10.30pm before watching Desperate Housewives. The show ended at 11.30pm and I started to chat and facebook again.

Waited for dad to come home because I needed to use the Vostro to download Heroes. Dad came back at about 12.30am and he brought back some BASKIN ROBIN'S ICE CREAM!! Haha, I even managed to pull an April's Fool prank on AC just as it turned 12am.

Will be going to sleep soon... Happy April-fooling!!

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