Thursday, March 26, 2009

BENV Group Assignment

Woke up at 7.30am and quickly went down for breakfast. Then, I had came up to shower and get dressed before leaving for TPM. Reached APIIT at about 8.40am and was still early for class. The lecturer then went on till 10.30am.

Then, we went to the lab and tagged along with their IA class. Used the lab computers to surf the net and facebook. After class, all of us went in my car to Little Italy. Reached there at about 12pm and met MY's classmate.

We went into the restaurant and started ordering our food. This time, the "manager" started acting "close to us" and gave many unnecessary comments that made us unhappy. Anyway, I ordered a Set 1 for RM 9.90 while the others ordered their own stuff.

Set 1 : Mushroom Cream Soup

Set 1 : Margarita Pizza

Set 1 - Sprite

Some time later, the food came. The pizza was just ok and so was the soup. When we were almost done, the lady came to annoy us again! It really angered me and I don't think I will come by in the near future. Paid the bill and went off.

Drove to ZS's house to get his thumbdrive but he didn't take his key so we had to go back to TPM and come back after class. IA started at 1.45pm and finally ended at 2.30pm. We then hung around til 4.30pm before leaving for ZS's house.

Waited for him outside his house while he went in to take some stuff. After that, we drove to MY's house to look for AL and DY. Went inside and played some games till 6.30pm before we left for dinner.

AL drove and took the wrong road to Serdang. We only reached the restaurant 40 minutes later at 7.25pm. Ordered 4 dishes of food and some tea. The food came quite fast and was overall okay. Paid the bill and left.

Our 4 dishes

Complimentary jelly dessert

Total Bill - RM 59 ( RM 12/person)

Went back to MY's house and dropped her there. Then, all four of us went into DY's car and drove to his house in Klang. Reached his house at 9pm and played with his dogs for a while. Then, we turned on the laptop and took turns to shower.

We then started discussing our assignments till about 12.15am. Decided to call it a day and went out for supper. DY brought us to a mamak stall with no name. The first thing I saw here was a cockroach!

Sat down and ordered a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. The guy mixed up ALL of our orders and we had to tell him another time before he got it right. The planta was quite nice and the tea was okay. Left the place at about 1am.

Teh Tarik and Roti Planta - RM 2.50

Came back and started using the laptop to facebook. Watched them play Dota while I blogged till 3am. Should be sleeping soon. Haha, night...

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