Saturday, March 28, 2009

Genting Trip: Day 2

Opened my eyes and saw KK reading newspaper. Went back to sleep and woke up again to answer the phone. It was KK calling from AP's room asking me to get up and call SS. I then called SS and asked them when will they come up. She told us not to wait for them.

Then I called AM and checked on her. We then decided to meet in 10 minutes for breakfast. I quickly changed and was ready to go. All of us then waited for AM and SC. Few minutes later, everyone was ready so we went to "Lao Di Fang" for breakfast.

My Breakfast - Kuey Teow Soup + Ice Lemon Tea

I had a Kuey Teow Soup and a cup of Ice Lemon Tea. Paid for it with a Meal Voucher that came with the casino promo. The food was quite nice but plain. Anyway, I was full after that so I'm not complaining.

We then went back to our rooms while AM and SC drove off to Melacca. AP, KK and YM then went to the Casino while I stayed in the room and watch TV. About 20 minutes later, SS called. I walked down to meet them and brought them to "Lao Di Fang" for brunch.

They ordered 3 sets and paid with the 3 meal vouchers that KK gave me. Just before they finished, AP, KK and YM came to join us. We then chatted for a while before going up to our rooms.

Packed our stuff and opened a can of Korean Milk Soda that AM gave me. I didn't like it but luckily K helped me finish it. After we were done, we brought it to KK's car and walked to First World.

Milkis - Korean Milk Soda

We decided to go to Hainan Kitchen again to use up the other 3 meal vouchers. Ordered a Herbal Jelly, Breakfast Set, Hot Chocolate, Rice Dumpling, and Banana Split. K and I shared the banana split and was content after that.

Banana Split - RM 10.60++

Next, we decided to leave Genting and meet in the Mushroom Park. It was raining and misty so we went to the Chin Swee Temple istead. It was my first time there and the temple was very well maintained.

We walked around for about one hour before deciding to go down to Gohtong Jaya. We stopped at a Mamak stall and decided to have tea. SS bought some fried stuff (RM 1 for 3 pieces) and we ate some of it.

KK ordered 5 cups of Teh Tarik for us to drink while we sat there and chatted. He also ordered a Roti Planta for us. I had half of it and was quite surprised as it was nicer than it looked. SS paid for the food and drinks. Then, we left for home as it was going to rain HEAVILY!

Teh Tarik - RM 1.50

Fell asleep in the car and woke up just before we reached 112. Went in to used the laptop to blog and facebook till 6pm. YM then sent me home at about 6.10pm.

Once home, I unpacked and went to shower. Then, I spent some time figuring out some Origami instructions for E. At 7.20pm, we finally left the house. For the first time, our family went to Yoke Heng for dinner.

I ordered the Signature Pork Ribs and the Tofu. Dad then ordered a Fish and GM ordered Choi Sam (vegetable). M wanted to try the Lou Shu Fan so we ordered one portion. I also ordered a Cincao drink for myself.

The drink came quite fast and I finished it in no time. Then, our food was served. The tofu wasn't the one that I wanted but it was still okay. The ribs were tough today which gave the others a bad impression.

Cincau Drink

Fried Tofu - RM 17

Signature Pork Ribs - RM 24

On the other hand, M liked the Lou Shu Fan and dad said the Fish was reasonably priced because they gave a big portion and only charged RM 32. Towards the end of the dinner, "dai sui man" started to "attack us". We quickly finished our dinner, paid (RM 99.60) and left.

Reached home at 8.40pm and only turned off the lights at 8.50pm. Laid on the sofa and did nothing till 9.30pm. Once we turned on the lights, it was so bright. Took a while to get used to it. Then, I came up to use the VAIO to chat and blog.

Watched Bleach 211 till 10.30pm and went down for some snack. Drank some Mango Milk and ate some biscuits. Suddenly, M spotted a cockroach and she quickly ran up. I put the biscuits into the fridge, drank some water, then came up.

Watched another episode of Bleach and then started blogging again. Played this new FB game called "Bleach Wars" till 1.30am and will be sleeping as soon as I post this! Night...

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