Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Just Goes By Like That...

Woke up at 10am, washed up and used the laptop. At 11.30am, dad bought some noodles back four my lunch. After eating, I came up to use the laptop again. YM then asked me if I wanted to follow AP and her to MV.

I agreed and then packed my stuff. Drove down there and then hopped into YM's car. Then, she drove to MV. We found a parking spot without a problem because it was still early (12.40pm). We then walked to Jusco.

Looked around and finally bought a long-sleeved shirt for KK. They used RM 50 worth of coupons and YM paid the remaining RM 5.90. After that, we went down to Jusco Supermarket.

Walked around for about 40 minutes getting some oil, vege, shampoo and other stuff. YM used another RM 50 of coupons and paid the balance. We then made our way back to the car and went home.

Reached 112 at about 2.15pm. We then used the laptop while AP made "French Toast". When she was done, we started eating the french toast. It was a bit spicy because AP didn't clean the chili on the wok from the previous dish.

AP's Homemade French Toast

At about 3.20pm, we started playing Mahjong. Played on till about 6pm before stopping. My luck was bad in the starting but managed to catch up towards the end. Fortunately, I only lost RM 3.70.

Packed my stuff and went home at 6.10pm. I then used the laptop for a short while before going to shower. After I came out, I used the laptop while waiting for the girls to shower. At 7.50pm, we finally left for dinner.

We went to this new food court called "Food Planet" in Section 19. There were many stalls there selling different types of food. I ordered a Special Fried Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce and a Iced White Coffee.

PJ 19 Food Planet

Special Fried Chicken - RM 6

Iced White Coffee - RM 2.60

My chicken was the last to come. It was crispy and the sauce was good too. Even the salad was quite nice. Overall, quite worth the RM 6. My coffee was good and thick actually. I would say this was a satisfying dinner.

At 9pm, we went home. Stopped by Section 17 to buy some "tong sui". Then, we drove home. GM, E and J went inside while mum, dad, M and I went over to 97. Watched some TV and chatted with MM, GG and PP.

Went home at 10.30pm. Started blogging and chatting till 11.15pm. Next, I went down to watch some TV. Came back up at 11.40pm to continue. I'll end the post here and shall be going to bed soon. Night...

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