Friday, March 27, 2009

Genting Trip: Day 1

Woke up at 10.30am to answer a phone call. It was AM and she asked me if I wanted to go for breakfast. I then told her that I was in Klang. She told me that they want to leave before 12.30pm.

So, I quickly got everyone up and finally left DY's house at 11.30pm. Reached Sri Petaling at 12.10pm and then drove home. Once home, I quickly packed some clothes and was ready to go. Dad wanted to have lunch with us so he called YM and asked them to wait while we did.

He brought us to the mee rebus stall to order some vegetarian fried kuey teow. It was so spicy that I couldn't finish everything. Dad paid up and we went to the car. Dad dropped me off at 112 and gave me RM 50 to use.

Kuey Teow Goreng - RM 2.50

Went inside 112 and quickly loaded our stuff into the boot and went off. Just as we left, AM remembered that she didn't bring her cake. So, we turned back to get the cake before going to Genting again.

Along the way, I was using SC's GPS to look at our route. We finally reached Genting at about 3pm but ended up reaching the hotel at 3.30pm because of a mistake. We then went to our rooms for a while before going to the "Be A Star" Karoake.

We wanted to make reservations but they told us that no reservation is allowed. We then left and went to the Casino. I waited outside while AM and SC went to make a new Genting World Card. Then, we went back to Resort Hotel.

We settled some stuff at the lobby and went to look for CM and family. Went to Monte Carlo again and they bought the RM 500 casino promo package. Next, we went to a bakery named "Bakery" to buy some food for CM's kids.

At 4,50pm, the rest of them went to "Be A Star" while SC and I went back to my room to take the cake. We then brought the cake back to the Karaoke place and went into room 132. KK ordered "Fish N' Chips" for my K-dinner while they ordered some other variety of stuff that was quite good too.

Fish N Chips - RM 20++ (K-dinner set)

Table Setting

Huge but Blurry Projector Screen

We ate and sang till 6.30pm and asked the staff to bring out the cake. All of us then sang "Happy Birthday" for AM. After cutting and eating the cake from Baker's Cottage, CM and her family went up to Resort Hotel to rest. We then sang for another half an hour before leaving. The total bill was about RM 130.

AM's Birthday Cake

SC and I walked to the open car park for the F1 event. The adverts were so attractive and even said there were prizes to be won. Once we went inside, we were disappointed. The simulation was just for you to sit and watch. After SC tried it out, we walked around and decided to go back.

We then went to AM's room since CM and the kids were in mine. AM, YM, SC and I then watched Final Destination 3 till 6.50pm before finally walking over to "The Pavilion" to watch "Dreamz".

Genting gave AP the tickets which were worth RM 110 for women's day but she didn't want to go as she already watched it before. The show was okay but I started fishing somewhere in the middle of the show. Luckily, things got more exciting after that.

Dreamz Tickets - RM 220

The show ended at 10.30pm and we went to look for AM, SC, AP and KK. We then went to Hainan Kitchen for some snack as nobody was hungry. Ordered 3 "Dai Bao" and had one by myself while the others shared.

Dai Bao - RM 5.80++

SS, SS and K then met up with us. We hung around for a while before KK went to pay. Next, we walked back to Resort Hotel. Watched some TV while KK chatted with SS. At 12pm, AM and SC went to their rooms. Half an hour later, the rest of them left.

I then went to shower and changed into my pyjamas. Used the VAIO to write a draft of this post till 1.30am. After that, I turned the laptop off and watched Lost. Fell asleep and woke up minutes later. KK turned the TV off for me so I just went back to sleep...

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